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Eat, Pray, Love….

It was a very busy day. I had to go to the office to participate in an Export/Import Seminar then I had to go straight to Cary Santiago’s boutique to drop of the shoe design proposal for Maldita. I really hope they like them.

But one the best things about that night was the dinner and night-out with a very close birthday celebrant.

My family, and Hernandez family had dinner altogether and the cuisine was INDIAN!!

It was really good!! I couldn’t stop eating. We had Masala and Indian Buttered Chicken with Barata. I’m not totally sure if I spelled that right. Achi came from Canada and mostly what she has been cooking and eating there in Canada is Indian because mostly her co-workers are Indians. I have always been amazed of Indian especially with NatGeo’s Food Lovers Guide to the Planet. Remember when you travel, it is always necessary to taste the food there because that is part of the culture.

After a good and hearty dinner, I went to La Marea for Jaye Borromeo’s birthday. I think La Marea has become our usual chill spot these days. I really was debating with myself what to give Jaye. I wanted something special and close to my heart. Whenever I buy a gift for someone, I always make sure there is a meaning. I knew that Jaye wants me to do her wedding gown someday so I decided to give her an actual sketch from me.

And I’m really happy to say that she loved it…:D

One of the most memorable conversations that night.

An introduction of two french guys to the group.

French Guy: Do you like to smoke weed.
Sandz (pointing at nike): He smokes WEED!!!!
Nike makes shocked face.

French Guy: Do you speak french?
Sandz (points at nike): He is French!!!!
Nike still shocked with first comment.

French Guy: Do you like to play rugby?
Sandz (points at nike). He likes rugby!!!
Nike: WHAT THE!!!!!

French Guy: Have you been to Laos?
Sandz (points at nike): He has been to Laos!!!!
Nike (fanning himself): BUANG JUD KA SANDZ!!!!

There were more pics I wanted to post but there is problem that I am having. I don’t know whether there is something wrong with my Mac or with the internet and it is getting a little frustrating.

Recently, I have just purchased the book of Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love. I needed to look for another outlet wherein I can still use my imagination but not for productive purposes because I feel like my imagination has been working overtime and it is making me a little insane and exhausted.



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