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Chocolatier and friends

I have been keeping my eye on this cafe ever since they place their signage saying Chocolatier. And I love chocolate and I seriously needed this boost because of my failed attempt to get my license which means I have to wait another month and a day to retry again.

Finally, hearing that they have opened and that they serve their main course with chocolate, I was so intrigue to try it out with friends.

While waiting for everyone else, Yan2x and I were mouthwatering at the menu and we had a difficult time to choose which one we want because everything seemed delicious. And each dish had CHOCOLATE in it. This reminded me of that movie “Le Chocolat” starring Johhny Depp. Chocolate and Johnny Depp, do I need to say more.

To be honest, we were a little hesitant to come here because we assumed that the price will be expensive but to our surprise, it wasn’t. They truly adjusted their prices to suit the Cebu market. Plus points on that.

I ordered the Roast Beef Panini. It was good. I was happy with it and I was a little worried that the chocolate would overpower the dish but it complimented the beef very well.

Yan2x got Chocolate Rissotto which was delicious and in my opinion, an new variation of Champarado.

Kryz and Jaye got salads which had chocolate dressings. I didn’t understand why it took so long for their orders to arrive when they were just salads and looking at their dishes it would mostly take at least 5-10 minutes just to do this.

Golden Euphoria. It was really good. The chocolate was very moist and and it had this little crunch within which was a good contrast. But I was really disappointed how long it took for them to serve this. I didn’t understand why they didn’t get the one in the fridge counter or maybe it was fake but seriously, it really took long to serve it.

All in all, the food was good with the right price. The people were very accommodating but the problem was that it took too long for them to serve which added to the frustration.

I love this cocktail dress made out of Ferrero Rocher wrappers which was being shown right beside their entrance. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to ask who designed it.

The skirt detail is my favorite for each wrapper was intricately place to create this beautiful scale-inspired skirt.

Decided to go to Starbucks after. I love what Yan2x wore that night. She was wearing one my favorite color combinations. And her skirt has a little structure to it

I want to thank Kristine of Instyle Cebu for featuring me and my piece on her column on the Prevolution: Vudu’s 9th Annual Halloween Ball. Thanks Kristine! 😀

Yours Truly,




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.N. loves Zao Resto:Art

So just recently, I have been told by a very good friend of mine, Paolo Ong that there is a new menu at his family’s restaurant, Zao. His restaurant has always been known for a good buffet but I’m always excited for something new in the Ala Carte.

If you people are curious why the restaurant has been called Zao. In greek, Zao actually means “Alive“. The owners have noticed in their travels from Manila to the United States that there are restaurants that are called Zao as well but they only serve Vietnamese. They have been so intrigued by the name that the name is actually from a popular metal band. And finally after getting a dictionary, they discovered the wonderful meaning of the name, Zao, “Alive”.

All of the food that has been served to us has been prepared by the talented, Chef Paolo Ong.

Behind the creation of these delicious dishes, the influence has come from his stay in San Francisco, California when he was studying culinary. Food trips with good friends from the affordable to the expensive but all worth it for the quality so that in his return here to Cebu, Philippines, he would fuse all of these wonderful flavors for the Cebuanos to enjoy.

I have never been a fan of Gambas but with Zao’s own version of Gambas. It is really good. The sauce complimented the shrimp very well and if you put some on the rice, it was a good symphony of flavors and textures.

This is what I ordered, The Suck and Blow. I know that the name of dish is quite erotic  but it is definitely catchy and ingenious. The reason behind the name is it is a Pastel De Lengua (tongue) with mushroom and garlic rice served on a sizzling plate. I asked the chef why they named it that way and that was the only thing that came out of their head.

Paolo, fellow blogger and friend ordered El Guapito.

Grilled Mexican Chicken with Chipotle Mushroom Sauce, Top With Caramelized Onions and Bell Pepper and served with Garlic Rice

A definite must-try.

And for my drink, I ordered a Double Choco Banana Hemp Shake, not only is it healthy but organic.

Paolo, Jaye and me. We were really full and would love to thank Chef Paolo Ong and Zao Restaurant for the delicious lunch.

Zao has become something more than your typical restaurant that serves sizzling, grill and fried but a place for you to unwind and dine.

If you interested to visit Zao and taste their new menu,

Go to Andres Abellana, Cor. Julio Diaz St., Guadalupe, Philippines or you can give them a call, 2543811.

And don’t forget to add them on FACEBOOK.

Yours Truly,



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Velez Intrams + Starcraft 2 = SICK!

As you all know, I have been very busy with my jewelry line and with the response of the market knowing that are very interested invigorates me todo more. But putting all of that aside, I recently attended the Velez Intrams which was held in the old Sacred Heart – Jesuits campus which is now called Ateneo De Cebu. Mostly, I would never go to these events because it is going to be hot and sweaty but since a good friend of mine, Sandie Low is choreographing so I decided to come just for her.

It was really amazing to watch the performance when suddenly a car drove inside the gym as part of the opening of one the contestant’s performance. And looking at the outfits to the hair. It is very Sandy.

Wonderfully, they won.

Here with me the rest of the gang to support Sandie Low.

After the intrams, I went straight to Ayala to purchase the most-awaited game in my generation. Starcraft 2. I know. People say I don’t look like the kind of person who would be interested with these things but YEAH, I do. Name it. I love playing pc games.

And finally, the meeting for the official photoshoot of the -Neil Felipp- Jewelry has now been set which I am really excited for.

After the meeting, I was suppose to meet up with friends like Paolo and Jaye but I’m so sorry guys. I think the heat and sweat from attending the Velez Intrams made me sick which was kind of annoying especially during the meeting. I’m really sorry guys.

Yours truly,


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Eat, Pray, Love….

It was a very busy day. I had to go to the office to participate in an Export/Import Seminar then I had to go straight to Cary Santiago’s boutique to drop of the shoe design proposal for Maldita. I really hope they like them.

But one the best things about that night was the dinner and night-out with a very close birthday celebrant.

My family, and Hernandez family had dinner altogether and the cuisine was INDIAN!!

It was really good!! I couldn’t stop eating. We had Masala and Indian Buttered Chicken with Barata. I’m not totally sure if I spelled that right. Achi came from Canada and mostly what she has been cooking and eating there in Canada is Indian because mostly her co-workers are Indians. I have always been amazed of Indian especially with NatGeo’s Food Lovers Guide to the Planet. Remember when you travel, it is always necessary to taste the food there because that is part of the culture.

After a good and hearty dinner, I went to La Marea for Jaye Borromeo’s birthday. I think La Marea has become our usual chill spot these days. I really was debating with myself what to give Jaye. I wanted something special and close to my heart. Whenever I buy a gift for someone, I always make sure there is a meaning. I knew that Jaye wants me to do her wedding gown someday so I decided to give her an actual sketch from me.

And I’m really happy to say that she loved it…:D

One of the most memorable conversations that night.

An introduction of two french guys to the group.

French Guy: Do you like to smoke weed.
Sandz (pointing at nike): He smokes WEED!!!!
Nike makes shocked face.

French Guy: Do you speak french?
Sandz (points at nike): He is French!!!!
Nike still shocked with first comment.

French Guy: Do you like to play rugby?
Sandz (points at nike). He likes rugby!!!
Nike: WHAT THE!!!!!

French Guy: Have you been to Laos?
Sandz (points at nike): He has been to Laos!!!!
Nike (fanning himself): BUANG JUD KA SANDZ!!!!

There were more pics I wanted to post but there is problem that I am having. I don’t know whether there is something wrong with my Mac or with the internet and it is getting a little frustrating.

Recently, I have just purchased the book of Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love. I needed to look for another outlet wherein I can still use my imagination but not for productive purposes because I feel like my imagination has been working overtime and it is making me a little insane and exhausted.


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Inception and Night out with friends…

After seeing and hearing the great comments from everyone who watched the film. I decided to watch it with a good family friend of mine, Elysse Bernedo. And we decided to watch it in IMAX! Yeah! Finally IMAX has invaded Cebu.

The film was BEAUTIFULLY INGENIOUS! Everything was very well thought off to the smallest detail. I really got pissed a little because there was this couple right beside us who didn’t understand the film at all so they decided to mediocre the film. I really told to lower it down. I paid 350 pesos to watch and not to hear any of your pathetic chattering.

All in all, I really want to WATCH IT AGAIN! hehe

After, I met up with good friends I.T Park who I have not seen for such a long time especially Yan2x Uang. You can remember her as the latest N. Profile Feature. Love the bowler hat.

And of course, our pretty friend. Jaye Borromeo with me…

And finally, everyone else catched up.

I love hanging out with these kinds of people because they have ambitions and goals in life. And another thing, bumming is not in their dictionary which I totally love. If you want to become a better person with a sense of direction, surround yourself with people to help become motivated. I’m very lucky….:D

I coudn’t resist to take a picture of the sweet couple of night. Yan2x Uang and the Black Longchamp bag. Don’t they look like such a perfect couple. Laugh. Joke. Yan..But for real, Don’t they look so sweet together. Don and Yan.

And finally my turn with the bag and Yan. I couldn’t stop looking at the Black Longchamp. It is totally a classic bag.

My favorite picture of the night.
Insert “Sisiw” here wherever she may be…


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