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I crave for some Scotch & Soda

It has always been a struggle for me to shop in Cebu when it comes to finding eccentric patterns on apparel. And from a recent business meeting,  a new stylish business partner (Something for you, guys to look forward in the coming post),  told me to check Scotch & Soda because he distributes it in his Cebu store.



These are some of my personal favorites from their collection. Actually, I love the whole collection.

I love the choice of color combinations to the patterns and print. Just perfect and now, I’m excited to come back to Cebu after this sudden Manila trip (another AMAZING post to share in the future).

I must say, this year is starting very good!

Thank you, Lord for the blessings! In Your Glory!

Anyway, if you want to see more about Scotch & Soda and even check their womenswear. Just click on the link below

Scotch & Soda

Yours Truly,



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Bench + Rajo Show 2012

It was very timing that my Manila trip was in lined with Philippine Fashion Week. I’m very thankful by Rajo, himself for inviting me and putting me on the list and to bring some of my friends. Officially, this is my first time attending Philippine Fashion Week and I’m really excited for the incoming ones. Thank you once again, Rajo and excited to see you soon!

Anyway, back to the show, as requested to show family and friends support to Rajo, we were told to wear pink. And this is what I wore holding the new Eau De Toilette of Bench + Rajo Laurel, Rajo Dos. I’ll show you more details of his new perfume at the end of this post or maybe some other post. hhhmm.

Ascot from Tokyo, H&M Button-Down Shirt, Belt from Tokyo, Fossil Watch, Neil Felipp Rings, H&M Chinos, Aldo Shoes

If you want to get to know the concept behind the Fashion show, you can visit the post of Rajo Laurel’s Blog, here.

Sam Concepcion

The crowd was screaming for this boy and he goes by the name of

Enchong Dee

There was so much ENERGY!!

I was amazed when I saw these male dancers dancing, jumping and all kinds of body action gracefully. And they were doing it all in 4″ –  5″ heels!

Color Bonanza!

Street dance / competition, Color Bonanza, and Fashion = this show

Go Joey Mead!

Loving the feather headpiece and wondering if I can find something similar in Cebu.

Then there were drums beating and all of sudden these group of CheerDance Groups came out with gymnast moves.

Super Proud to see that UP was one of them! Go fellow Isko & Iska!

Then the marching bands converge in the middle of the stage. Can you find where Rajo is here?

Rajo giving his inspiring speech from humble beginnings to this bongga show!

Then Rajo teaching his Dance. I think it was Rajo Uno – Dos. hehe

The dancers and models grabbing people from the audience to join in.

From Fashion show, it became a Dance Club!

Rajo Laurel with the man behind Bench, Ben Chan dancing the Rajo Dance.

Photos with a few of the Personalities.

Candy Dizon

One of the best Jewellers in the country.

I had the pleasure of meeting with her during the Manila Fame last March. If you want to know more about her, you can visit her blog here.

Francis Libiran and Arsi Baltazar

See you, guys soon in Cebu!!

Nix Alanon

Venisse Laurel – Hermano

Borgy Manotoc

Denise Laurel

Carlos Concepcion

Robby Carmona

I’ve been wanting to have a picture with him when I was part of the Bench Show in Cebu and I was super happy that he remembered me. Butterflies. haha

A few ladies who I just love the dresses. Of course, all by Rajo Laurel.

At the same time, there was a Bench Booth showcasing the collaboration of Bench and Rajo Laurel.

And here is one of them, The Rajo Uno and Rajo Dos Perfume Line.

I brought this one home. The scent was more of me than the Uno.

If you want to know more about the journey  that became to be this amazing collaboration, you can visit Rajo Laurel’s blog, here.

All in all, it was an energetic, fantastic, colorful and interactive fashion show. And once again, I would want to thank Rajo Laurel for inviting me. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! More power to you and your endeavors!!! Excited to see you soon!!

More to come everyone.

Yours Truly,


P.S. I guess I will talk more about the perfume in another post because it deserves it.

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PFW – Menswear Holiday 2012

Jian Maverick Lasala ( SUPER PROUD OF YOU!!!), Jeremiah Limsico, Brian Tenorio and me.

Thank you once again to Brian and Jeremiah for letting me tag along with you, guys with Philippine Fashion Week

Yours Truly,


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