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Into the City of Pine


As we return back to Manila, we had one last stop which was Baguio City.

I was really looking forward to this stop not only for the cool weather but one of my top purchases that I would make was going to be in this city from Good Shepherd’s home made products which are so immaculate to Sagada Handwoven Bag that I have been eyeing for awhile.

Our stay was very short but we were able to pass by a very quaint and homey restaurant which was Cafe by the Ruins. They had one of the best Cinnamon Rolls I have ever tasted. The freshness of the baked roll to the crunchiness of the nuts with every bite was totally sinful. The Melon Refresher (drink) was something that you can easily make anywhere but nevertheless, it help soothe my throat. And the Champorado, YUM! I never thought you were suppose to eat it with Danggit (Dried Fish). The saltiness and sweetness was a delectable contrast.

We then hurriedly rush to Mind’s View Park to do some necessary shopping and of course, to get some fresh Strawberry Taho (Tofu Pudding with Fresh Strawberries and syrup).

I brought a lot Good Shepherd’s Products which I never thought would be that heavy but they were worth it for their taste and charity to bring youth to school.

By the end of the day, I found the bag that I’m looking for but I’m eyeing to get the rattan woven bag in the future. I have this feeling that I can revive it. Something to look forward to in my next return to the city of Pine.

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