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Ilocos Empanada


They say if you were to eat in Ilocos, you have to try their Empanada.

Theirs is totally different from any other Empanada that I have tasted. They first prepare the dough, fill it up with cabbage, their famous longganiza, raw egg, and cheese then have it deep fried giving that crunch as you bite through the soft filling.

Looking at this photo makes me want to eat it again.


More to come.

Yours Truly,


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Northern Adventure



As part of my Grandfather’s wish, the family will be doing something differently and that is the whole clan will be having a Luzon Adventure.

I will be showing highlights of the trip in the coming days.

Yours truly,


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Merry Christmas

Photo on 2012-12-25 at 10.42 #2

Wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas!

Yours truly,


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Manila Fame 2012 – Thank you!

I want to thank everyone who came over to visit the Manila Fame 2012 show. Thank you to everyone who came by the booth. I’m sorry if I didn’t have that much photos because I was mostly everywhere taking care of all my clients but here are some photos that I grabbed.

I want to thank Rajo Laurel for this photo with Mons Romulo who was a true delight when I met her at the Buyer’s night. Here she is wearing my piece, Psyche’s Hope which was sent to Paris for the Bijoux Show.

Thank you, Rajo for visiting the booth. Always a great moment with you. If you want to see the post of Rajo for Manila Fame. Just click on the link below.

Citem – Fame Show 2012

And I want to thank Candy Dizon for these photos who I had the pleasure meeting. Amazing woman!

And here is the photo of Paolo Konst and I riding the Kenneth Cobonpue Trike. Tres Tres Chic with the Suits effect! Yeah! Hahaha.

If you want see Candy Dizon’s post for Manila Fame, just click on the link below.

Fame 2012

It was really a successful show. The show has shown that there is really growth and recovery in the industry and I’m really excited with all of the amazing collaborations that I’ll be doing this year with so many professionals.


Remember guys, persist and persist and you will find your way.

 Yours Truly,

Neil Felipp

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Yup! It is official. I’m now 22 which makes me more than legal. And I was still getting use to being 21. Sorry for the late post everyone. A nasty sick bug decided to visit me after my birthday and decided to stay for a week! What a great way to start on my 22nd year in this world. Maybe, this is one way for all the bad stuff in this coming year to go away and what’s left is all the good.

I’m super happy with Nivea’s facial skin care line for men. It has made my face smooth, firm, acne-free and glowing, a great boost of confidence when it comes to meeting with people and everything else that I do. And if any pimples decided to visit, Maybelline BB cream to the rescue and Lo’real’s Eye Roller for men for those horrible eye bags. But I can’t prescribe this to everyone because we all don’t have the same skin types, that’s why I suggest a visit to one of Cebu’s bubbliest, accommodating, and practical dermatologist, Tita Me-Mel Fernan of SkinWorks. She will not only give you a prescription but with a side of laughter.

You can either visit or make an appointment in her SkinWorks Clinic either in Mango Square or SM Cebu Basement.

Bought a gift for my mom from Rustan’s(mom’s favorite store) and she immediately knew what it was because every time, we have a date and visit the store, she would go to her favorite item, a Beka sauce pan and check on it. From there, she was giving me hints that she wants this. Sneaky Mommy! hahaha Maybe that’s where I got it. hahaha

My growing collection of JunJo Romantica. I love this Yaoi! It has comedy and romance which is a great stress reliever for me. It has been difficult to get these especially that a lot have wait listed for it. But hey, there is also animated series of these books if you want just a good time especially that the long weekend is coming up.

And I’ve been trying to make a survey on what shoes I used the most and these are the top of my list. Been raiding my closet lately to check on what I don’t use anymore because either I will be selling it or donating.

Going about me being 22, I have a lot to thank for the past year especially to my parents who are very supportive of me especially to my brand which is now 1 year old! I have a lot projects ahead of me! And I am super duper blessed that my designs were chosen to be part of the special setting for the Philippine Pavilion in the Bijorcha Show in Paris! And there is definitely more to come and I can’t wait to share with all of you, guys.

And I hope everyone will have an amazing long weekend ahead!

Yours Truly,


P.S. I’m planning of perming my hair. Getting bored of it lately. What do you guys think?

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Can this get any better?

Been busy lately because I just have found that an A-List New York Retailer has just scheduled a visit this coming February and not only are they just bringing their agents and officers but the PRESIDENT TOO!!!! I seriously have to finish my new pieces on time because I want them to bring it with them to NEW YORK! Lucky for my pieces if they are chosen because they will be able to travel more than me. haha

I recently got this from my cousin, Den who just came from Japan. I really miss Japan. Definitely will be coming back there soon.

Tadah!!!! A whole wide variety of Japan’s wild flavored KITKAT!! There is Cherry Blossom, Green Tea, Wasabi, Cheesecake and SOY SAUCE!!
And I have been just eating them like there is no tomorrow because they all tasted so amazing. hahaha

I always say to people that whenever you travel the world, it is not only seeing part of the experience but definitely the tasting too.

I got this new book marker from my mom because it was done by our sister company, Suarez and Sons for the University of the Philippines Cebu in the unveiling and turn-over of the Historical Marker of the Administrative Building which is now either a Heritage or/and National Landmark.

A little jealous right now because there is so much improvement going on right now with the University ever since now that they have become Autonomous which was right after I graduated. hmph.

I have been jumping from Island Souvenir Shop to the other to use my Gift Certificate that I got from Island Souvenir. Honestly and frankly, I like their shirts but I am no tourist. If there was a better version of their Vintage Collection. I would have bought them immediately when I entered mall branches.

On my way to work, I remembered that they had this huge Island Pasalubong Center on the way to the airport, I told my dad that we should visit and finally, Gift Certificate is gone and this is what I got in exchange for them.

A VOGUE  Australia Magazine, two fabric woven bracelets and two DRIED MANGOES. Well, I ate the other one on my way to work. I love dried mangoes and I can’t believe how expensive they are in Japan, 500 pesos per pack!

This coming December 28th, I will be dancing the Rigodon for the Grand Innocents’ Day Ball in Casino Espanol de Cebu. This will be the 2nd time that I will be dancing.

And I got a message that the Press Release of the Dancers just came out and here it is.

I’m excited what the beautiful women of that night will be wearing because all of us men will be wearing Barong Filipino. I was planning to wear the new suit that I bought but that went straight down the drain.

Yours Truly,



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.N. loves Zao Resto:Art

So just recently, I have been told by a very good friend of mine, Paolo Ong that there is a new menu at his family’s restaurant, Zao. His restaurant has always been known for a good buffet but I’m always excited for something new in the Ala Carte.

If you people are curious why the restaurant has been called Zao. In greek, Zao actually means “Alive“. The owners have noticed in their travels from Manila to the United States that there are restaurants that are called Zao as well but they only serve Vietnamese. They have been so intrigued by the name that the name is actually from a popular metal band. And finally after getting a dictionary, they discovered the wonderful meaning of the name, Zao, “Alive”.

All of the food that has been served to us has been prepared by the talented, Chef Paolo Ong.

Behind the creation of these delicious dishes, the influence has come from his stay in San Francisco, California when he was studying culinary. Food trips with good friends from the affordable to the expensive but all worth it for the quality so that in his return here to Cebu, Philippines, he would fuse all of these wonderful flavors for the Cebuanos to enjoy.

I have never been a fan of Gambas but with Zao’s own version of Gambas. It is really good. The sauce complimented the shrimp very well and if you put some on the rice, it was a good symphony of flavors and textures.

This is what I ordered, The Suck and Blow. I know that the name of dish is quite erotic  but it is definitely catchy and ingenious. The reason behind the name is it is a Pastel De Lengua (tongue) with mushroom and garlic rice served on a sizzling plate. I asked the chef why they named it that way and that was the only thing that came out of their head.

Paolo, fellow blogger and friend ordered El Guapito.

Grilled Mexican Chicken with Chipotle Mushroom Sauce, Top With Caramelized Onions and Bell Pepper and served with Garlic Rice

A definite must-try.

And for my drink, I ordered a Double Choco Banana Hemp Shake, not only is it healthy but organic.

Paolo, Jaye and me. We were really full and would love to thank Chef Paolo Ong and Zao Restaurant for the delicious lunch.

Zao has become something more than your typical restaurant that serves sizzling, grill and fried but a place for you to unwind and dine.

If you interested to visit Zao and taste their new menu,

Go to Andres Abellana, Cor. Julio Diaz St., Guadalupe, Philippines or you can give them a call, 2543811.

And don’t forget to add them on FACEBOOK.

Yours Truly,



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