Yeung – Souzza Nuptials: A story of love & fantasy

After months of preparation, it has finally come.

The Yeung – Souzza Nuptials.

I don’t know even know how to start of how amazing this wedding is. And how honored I am to be part of this wedding especially in the special giveaways and to be invited.

Not only did I feel so honored to be invited but also super excited when they will be giving these out-of-this-world giveaways which I will be showing to you as you read this post.

With Dame Mariquita Salimbangon – Yeung

The Bridesmaids with an original Neil Felipp piece, the Saphira Clutch

I’m really happy to see that everyone loved them so much and there were a lot of beautiful ladies who wanted to buy their own but I’m really sorry.

This design piece is a limited and an exclusive collection for this wedding.

With the creative genius behind this spectacular production and the sister to the groom, Jewelle Yeung

Before the entrance of the Kandaya Castle, there were Spartan Guards, all fit and strong.

Goal by the end of the year: To have a ripped body like this.

The Captain of the guard calling all of the guards to guide the guests as we enter the grand hall.

One of my dates of the night, the ever lovable and charming interior designer, Holly Dychangco.

And finally Mia Arcenas arrived to join in with the fun.

Just look at how beautiful the interior decorations are as the foliage even covered the ceiling to give you the magical experience.

This is my view of the stage.

The balcony curtains start to open and show the orchestra to present the Entourage

And what the bridesmaids are holding in their hands are one of the beautiful giveaways that I personally designed for this wedding, the Crowns which will be given to the Primary Female Sponsors. These crowns are made with Gold Plated Brass which was then inlaid with the highest quality Mother-of-Pearls sheets and White Stingray leather.

While the swords were designed and made by my family’s business, Suarez and Sons. These swords will be presented to Primary Male Sponsors.

Here comes the newlyweds!

The wedding dress was designed and made by Jewelle Yeung.

Now it is time for the crowning and handing over of the swords ceremony.

Governor Gwen Garcia of Cebu

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile receiving the sword.

Former President of the Philippines, Joseph “Erap” Estrada, and Edna Lhuillier

Senator Jinggoy Estrada and Amparito Lhuillier

Margie Lhuillier and Mayor of Cebu City, Mike Rama

I was super happy to find out a very good friend of mine during my highschool days was one of the bridesmaids, SJ Quitevis. I’m really happy to see that she has one of the Saphira Clutches.

After all of the sponsors were given their gifts, Claudia had a very special & surprise gift for Martin, his specialized shield and crown which were both designed by Neil Felipp.

The satisfaction of client is the best reward you can get as a designer and especially to witness all of this, my heart flew to the heavens that night.
With all of that said, time for some food porn. Yum. πŸ™‚
After Party Photos
The Beautiful Ruffa Gutierrez trying on the crown.
With the Newlywed, Martin Yeung
Time for the throwing of the bouquet! Can I be participate? hahaha
As the final photo of this post is the cake that I designed in partnership with Marissa Unchuan.
And you would never guess what the flavor is.
I would want to thank the Wicked Sisters for recommending me to the Yeung family, the craftsmen and craftswomen of Italkarat and Suarez & Sons, Martin, Claudia & Jewelle, thank you for believing in me and for inviting me, the Salimbangon families, and of course, the one person who guided me to all of this, the Lord, almighty. All of this would have never been possible without you, Lord. Thank you for blessings. Thank you. Thank you.
Yours Truly,
Neil Felipp


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8 responses to “Yeung – Souzza Nuptials: A story of love & fantasy

  1. Bongga! It’s so fabulous, darling! You did a splendid job! I’m happy that you were able to pull-off such a big task for them! πŸ˜‰

  2. K

    Neil the things you made for this wedding are amazing, congratulations!! xx

  3. OMG deary! when i watched the pictures from top to bottom i was speechless! Amazing!

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