Dwell Studio now in CEBU!

What a great way to enjoy your bed further by playing around with beddings that not only give you that soft touch on your skin but with patterns of birds, stripes, zebras and so much more.

It is more than a feast for the skin but for the eyes as well.

And Dwell Studio is all that!

Finally, it is here in Rustan’s Cebu!

The ever lovable and fashionable Gretchen Choa-Uy sharing to the crowd what Dwell Studio is all about.

Gretchen and I

Congrats Dwell Studio for officially arriving on the shores of Cebu! And congrats Gretchen, darling!!! More power to your endeavors and excited for our incoming dates!

So, what are you all waiting for Cebu!?

Come to Rustan’s Cebu and get yourself your very own Dwell Studio items and who knows, you might find something more than just beautiful beddings.

Yours truly,


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