An IRIE Prelude

A few days ago. I went to a special gathering of good friends, and new friends. One of them told me to meet in Irie. A new Gentleman’s lounge by the man behind the very successful Ila Puti, Jan Rodriguez who I had the pleasure to sit down with and talk. By the way, he was the one who took the photo above capturing the great time that the group was having.

It was still a soft opening but I immediately fell in love with the place for it’s modern classic details of black and gold. I’m really excited for the incoming projects that I will be having with the place. Really Exciting!

We even had a taste of the Sumptuous and flavorful Irie Burger , Truffle Fries and I had the Tipsy Summer Drink which everyone in the group believed was a drink specially made for me.

Anyway, there is still more to come especially the Grand Opening which I’m really excited to share with you all.

So look forward for that.

Yours Truly,



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