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Spotted: Joyce Makitalo wearing the Aztec Skull Ring


Accessory Designer, Preview’s Best Dressed 2012 Honoree, and a very good friend, Joyce Makitalo spotted wearing the White Aztec Skull Ring by Neil Felipp in her 30 days, 30 ways feature for

Thank you, Joyce, darling. See you very soon!

Yours Truly,



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Hairspirations and a new look

Photos from The Sartorialist

The photos above are just some of my hairspirations.

Some of you have known me for so long that I have had bangs for almost 2 years now because my hair is such a rebel because first of all, it is thick, my crown is in the side, has the tendency to puff as it grows and a lot more. Even finding the right hair stylist was a challenge for me.

Thankfully, I was able to find a new hairstylist after my previous one left for Singapore for greener pastures.

Anyway, here was my old hair. a.k.a the bieber. haha

And here is my new hair!

It was definitely a battle within me, my hairstylist and my hair to achieve this look but thankfully, it ended well.

A lot of wax, and spray net was lost but it was worth it. hahaha

What do you guys think?


P.S. I know that some of you will miss my hair swishing but don’t worry, it will return but not anytime soon.

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Spotted #2: Anna Igpit with the Kylie Clutch


Beauty Queen, Co-owner and Co-founder of Wicked Sisters, Anna Igpit wearing a Hanz Coquilla gown with the Kylie Clutch designed by Neil Felipp on the nuptials of Lara Quigaman and Marco Alcaraz.

Yours Truly,


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BTS – Metro Society: Cebu Feature

Arrived early in Radisson Blu so that I have more time to prepare for the shoot. While waiting for my model and HMUA to arrive, I decided to play around with my camera and get a good warm tea to start this blessed day. I want to thank Kathy of Radisson Blu for personally taking care of me. And of course,  thank you, Lord.

Raisa Jan Bercede – Hair & Make – up Artist 

I’ve known this bubbly, friendly, and wonderful woman ever since I was in High School. And when I found out that she has become a HMUA, I promised to get her someday for one of my shoots and here it is! And I’m really super proud and happy because she did a really amazing job of not only achieving the peg that I wanted, she made it even more than I can imagined.


My super pretty model, Rizbelle Ostrea!

Getting ready for our pre-nup photo. haha

Hey Philipp!

Just look at the back detail of the Dress! Would you believe that everything was planned last minute and I’m really thankful for the Lord for bumping me to Harvey Cenit! He is the designer of this beautiful, elegant, white, lace dress. And I was even shocked to even find out that he is even one of the designers who is also being featured during the shoot on the day and he didn’t even tell me! hahaha Good Surprise!

It really does look like a pre-nup photo. Oh my, the bow tie.

Some of the beautiful gowns that I saw during the shoot. The designers really went all out for this shoot!


Harvey Cenit

Rei Escario

Hajie Godinez for Sal Malto

Would you believe this model is only 15 years old and she is 6 feet?!

Please share you height gene! hahaha

I had a blast during the whole time of the shoot. Seeing good friends and making new ones.

I want to personally thank Tita Maricris Ernacion of Metro Society for adding me in the list. I’m really honored. Had so much fun talking with Raul and Philipp who made me feel so comfortable during the in and out of the shoot. And thank you to Raul also for buying my rings which seriously was fresh from the factory! And Nicole, as well, who I was so amazed was my age and looked like an 18 year old. Thank you, Nicole for buying my Long Live the Royal Queen Skull Ring! And Ejay Leung and Paolo Pineda for taking the photos! Really excited when they are officially out!

Last but not least, I want to thank Rizbelle Ostrea for being my model, love you forever, friend! Raisa Jan Bercede for being my HMUA for the shoot, you will go far, just keep on pushing, and Harvey Cenit for the dress! Love you, Harvey!

And the Lord, for all these wonderful blessings! Thank you! Thank you!

There is definitely a lot more coming, guys, and this is just tip of the iceberg.

Yours truly,

.Neil Felipp.

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An IRIE Prelude

A few days ago. I went to a special gathering of good friends, and new friends. One of them told me to meet in Irie. A new Gentleman’s lounge by the man behind the very successful Ila Puti, Jan Rodriguez who I had the pleasure to sit down with and talk. By the way, he was the one who took the photo above capturing the great time that the group was having.

It was still a soft opening but I immediately fell in love with the place for it’s modern classic details of black and gold. I’m really excited for the incoming projects that I will be having with the place. Really Exciting!

We even had a taste of the Sumptuous and flavorful Irie Burger , Truffle Fries and I had the Tipsy Summer Drink which everyone in the group believed was a drink specially made for me.

Anyway, there is still more to come especially the Grand Opening which I’m really excited to share with you all.

So look forward for that.

Yours Truly,


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