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Jewelmer Joaillerie Private Viewing and Sale (RSVP)

South Sea Pearls have always been sought for many years by Royalty and Elites for their class and timeless elegance.

I have high respects to Jewelmer for creating such beautiful jewelry using South Sea Pearls.

And now, is your chance to have your very own,

Jewelmer will be having a Private Viewing and Sale this coming 27th in Cebu.

If you would want to know more details in how to get in to this Private event, just place your email address in the comments and I will tell you more.

Yours Truly,




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Spotted #1: Mona Alcudia wearing the Aurora


My darling, Mona Alcudia wearing one of the first pieces that I have made, the Aurora.

Congratulations to the whole creative team of Hive on this feature of them in Metro Society Magazine! More power to you, guys!

Yours Truly,


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Jerome Salaya Ang – Philippine Fashion Week 2012

I would like to thank Jian Maverick Lasala for tagging me along to watch the Finale of the Philippine Fashion Week 2012, where L’oreal showcases Jerome Salaya Ang.

Thank you Jian!

Here are some of my favorite pieces via

My ultimate favorite from the whole collection is the Red Dress that was shown above. Love the fabric manipulation to the ribbon detail in the waist that really completed the piece.

Congratulations to Jerome Salaya Ang for a successful show and thank you, Jian for bringing me along. See you soon!

Yours truly,


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