{Rajo Laurel + Bench} Perfume = Rajo Uno & Rajo Dos

From my past blog post about the Rajo Laurel + Bench Fashion Show, here I am talking about the latest Perfume line of Bench + Rajo Laurel, Rajo Uno and Rajo Dos.

As I was about to exit the Function room where the event was held, what first caught my attention was the simple and classic packaging of the perfume. Wood and Glass, both of which are one of my favorite materials.

Perfume tells the story of a person through the sense of smell. 

I’m certainly no Perfume expert but I do know that Perfume is an accessory that is needed in any outfit that can either make or break it.

Rajo Dos is more of me when I tried it on during the event.

It reminds me of freshness, sea breeze, calmness and a dash of friendliness. hehe. I think I just describe my hometown, Cebu.

And what’s amazing is the value of the product which is around 400 php +.

So what are you waiting for, go to your nearest Bench store, and get your very own Rajo Uno or/and Rajo Dos.

Yours Truly,



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  1. My boss is also keen of YouTube funny video tutorials, he also watch these even in organization hehehe..

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