Frolicking around the Merlion City

In the first few days that my family and I were in Singapore, my siblings immediately rushed to H&M and what was really great when we there, it was timing there was a sale ongoing and they are giving a 10 SGD gift certificate if you reach a certain amount. LOVE!

The next day, we then took a tour and frolic the streets of the Merlion City

I don’t know what I was thinking here. Just having fun. If you can think of a good caption here, put it in the comment. hehe,

One of the first stops that we went was ChinaTown. 

Loving the Architectural detail of this Buddhist Temple. Inspiration = Ideas. Hhhmmm

Munching some Egg Tarts with the siblings and grabbing some delicious tea to enjoy back home.

Afterwards, we then went to the Botanical Gardens which is one of my favorite spots in Singapore. Orchids has always been one of my top interests because at a young age, I was exposed to them by mom and my Nanay (grandmother). One day, I will have my own Orchid Plantation and share it to the world.

Had to take a picture. Orchid Orgasm. hahaha

The first thing when you enter the garden is this Orchid Stalk that was dipped in gold. Just look at how huge this piece is.

Detail shot of this beauty

H&M white collar blue shirt, Rustan’s Woven Leather Belt, Uniqlo Shorts, Folded & Hung Bag, Sperry Top Sider

Here are some of my favorite orchids that I took. Inspiration for maybe some of my incoming collections.

Then take a break of this Summer heat.

 Then frolic again.

And maybe goof a little bit of here and there.

Squirrel! Didn’t expect to see that here.

And as a last shot of this fun day, with Nanay (Grandmother).

There is still more to come as I show you the mayhem that we have made in Universal Studios – Singapore.

Yours Truly,



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