Ms. Cebu 2012 – 1st Runner-up – Chloe Palang


You were amazing, love and I’m super happy for you!!!!

I’m super proud of Chloe Palang who I personally pushed to joined Ms. Cebu and as promised, I would do her accessories during the coronation night.

And the best part was that I would be collaborating with one of my mentors, Oj Hofer who Chloe was able to pick to do her dress during the coronation night.

Our peg for this year’s theme was the Burial Mask that was found during the construction and excavation of the SRP Tunnel in Plaza Independencia. And to be honest, it really was not a pretty peg to find inspiration so we decided to capture the essence of the Burial Mask.

I love the elegant and theatrical design of the dress which Chloe was really able to capture as she walked the stage. Super proud of her. As in! Grabeh! All the way!

At first when you see her, you would see a classic silhouette with a vambrace that I made in her arms using hammered brass to give that archaic feeling but I’m wondering if people were able to see that the vambrace actually has a face on it.

Then we she turns. SURPRISE!

A hammered brass cut-out face that was hand stitch to a body suit.

I was really happy with the reaction of everyone who saw this surprise because that’s what Oj and I was hoping and we were really able to achieve it. Yipee!

I of course want to thank Bibi De Los Reyes for taking such beautiful pictures just as he did with last year’s Ms. Cebu where I did Ms. Cebu 2011 winner, Mia Ali whom I personally made the earrings for.

If you haven’t read or you want to simply re-read that post, just click on the link below.

Mia Ali Faridon, Ms. Cebu 2011

Have a lot to share with all of you especially on my future collaborations, national competitions and everything else.

Yours Truly,

Neil Felipp


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