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What’s in the Creative Mind of Tom Ford?

I recently saw this on my news feed and wanted to share with everyone this amazing documentary of a man who has changed the face of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford. Today, he is one of the most influential designers in the international fashion industry.

Hope you were able to learn something new through this documentary.

Yours Truly,


P.S. I totally love his design studio which will be one of the pegs of my very own.



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Ms. Cebu 2012 – 1st Runner-up – Chloe Palang


You were amazing, love and I’m super happy for you!!!!

I’m super proud of Chloe Palang who I personally pushed to joined Ms. Cebu and as promised, I would do her accessories during the coronation night.

And the best part was that I would be collaborating with one of my mentors, Oj Hofer who Chloe was able to pick to do her dress during the coronation night.

Our peg for this year’s theme was the Burial Mask that was found during the construction and excavation of the SRP Tunnel in Plaza Independencia. And to be honest, it really was not a pretty peg to find inspiration so we decided to capture the essence of the Burial Mask.

I love the elegant and theatrical design of the dress which Chloe was really able to capture as she walked the stage. Super proud of her. As in! Grabeh! All the way!

At first when you see her, you would see a classic silhouette with a vambrace that I made in her arms using hammered brass to give that archaic feeling but I’m wondering if people were able to see that the vambrace actually has a face on it.

Then we she turns. SURPRISE!

A hammered brass cut-out face that was hand stitch to a body suit.

I was really happy with the reaction of everyone who saw this surprise because that’s what Oj and I was hoping and we were really able to achieve it. Yipee!

I of course want to thank Bibi De Los Reyes for taking such beautiful pictures just as he did with last year’s Ms. Cebu where I did Ms. Cebu 2011 winner, Mia Ali whom I personally made the earrings for.

If you haven’t read or you want to simply re-read that post, just click on the link below.

Mia Ali Faridon, Ms. Cebu 2011

Have a lot to share with all of you especially on my future collaborations, national competitions and everything else.

Yours Truly,

Neil Felipp

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On January 15th 2012

The Loft and The Penthouse

Will bring your Sinulog Sunday to a grand finish

The Loft features

The Primal House Series

Elmer Dado and Gruppo Tribale

At The Penthouse it’s

The Thrillseekers

Check out:


January 15th 2012

Elmer Dado and Gruppo Tribale
The Thrillseekers

Powered by Globe

Only at The Loft and The Penthouse

Special thanks to:
Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino
Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort & Spa
Citi Gym
Studio 23
Rich Media
Bistro Ecila
Patio Ecila

To ensure optimum entertainment it is best to book tables as early as possible and to be as early and as glamorous at these venues on the event date

For table reservations please call:

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Swimming with the Gentle Giants: Whale sharks

Last Sunday, I had the privilege to swim with the gentle giants of the sea, the Whale sharks. I, of course, want to thank the Climaco – Bernedo Family for bringing me along in this trip. I’m really blessed that this family is part of my life. Thank you! Thank you!

We left Cebu City at 6:00 am and expected to arrive in Oslob at around 8 am which I think we did. When we arrived in Oslob, there was this huge crowd not only in the beach but in the sea as well due to the fact that it was the weekend. I will be giving a few handy tips in the end of this post whenever you decide to visit the sharks.

Thankfully, we were allowed to stay in one of the family friend’s beach house which was perfectly situated to face the beach where the whale sharks are.

When we were there, we were told that there was only one whale shark that has been seen so far compared to the fourteen that I have heard from social media.

It was really chaotic when we were getting into the rafts to see the whale sharks due to the crowd and the officials had no system at all especially in the aspects of safety.

Good thing, when it was our turn to see the sharks, two other whale sharks appeared.

I wanted to be as close as I can to the sharks because I just love the sea and it was a very magnificent creature.

Merman mode. hahahaha

Jude, Tita Cathee, Elysse and Tito Jingle. Thank you! Thank you for bringing me along! 😀

Here are my tips if you have any plans of seeing the gentle giants of the sea.

1. NEVER go on a weekend to avoid the crowd

2. Bring your own life vest. This will be very helpful if the current is too strong especially in this time of year

3. Bring a body board per person if possible so that you will not be in the mercy of the fishermen to see the sharks.

4. Wear a rash guard or better a whole body suit to prevent jelly fish stings

5. Bring a snorkeling set per person

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and post a comment.

I hope my tips will be helpful in your trip and I can’t wait to see them again soon!

Yours Truly,




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