Dytian – Tieng Nuptials

I love weddings especially close friends of mine who get married. I get so jiggly and witty. And I was super excited that a very close friend of mine who I have met in highschool through the musical plays, Lorraine Dytian was getting married. I promised to her that I will be doing her gown as a gift from my heart but as fate would have decided, I reverted to jewelry design. Since I wasn’t able to do her dress, she gave me the honor of doing her giveaways for her Bridesmaids.

And this is what I made inspired by this wonderful woman who has the kindest and sweetest personality I have ever met.

The Odette Charm

– Sterling Silver Ballerina with a Mother-of-Pearl setting-

It was really a challenge to conceptualize this charm. I wanted to design a charm that had her essence and knowing of her love for ballet. I looked at one of my favorite ballet performances, Swan Lake. I remembered how Princess Odette just about to be shot by the Hunter who coincidentally was a Prince turned back to human from being a swan and danced gracefully, and elegantly in the lake. From there, the Prince fell in love with the beautiful Swan Princess. I decided to capture that moment in this charm.

And I’m really happy to say that Lorraine loved it!

Here are some of the photos during the wedding.

Thank you, Darling Danielle for being my date during that special day who just arrived from New York!


Congratulations to the newly married couple, Mr. & Mrs. Tieng!

And since the reception was still 4 hours ahead, Dan and I decided to join Tita Joy and Tito Emil in Tinderbox to chill and relax while waiting, I was looking at Aziza, the fine dining restaurant had this beautiful table setting with Wine and Champagne bottles, Orchids, Hydrangeas and Cala-lillies for the special French Dining Event.

I even had the pleasure to meet with the woman behind this beautiful centerpiece and in her own words, ‘tablescape’. I deeply apologize but I really forgot the name but she is the lovable mother of one of Cebu’s Upcoming Jeweler, Aziza Mondonedo who I was able to meet afterwards.

Me, Tita Mondonedo, Tita Frauline, Tita Joy (look at those curves!), Tito Emil

Went straight to the reception which was held in Grand Majestic. The ceiling decor was simply breathtaking.

And each guests’ plate was welcomed with this tiny little cupcake which was really moist and delicious.

Lorraine dedicating a song for JJ. Just look at her face filled with Joy and Love. This is the reason why I love weddings. The love. ❤

I totally don’t understand what’s going on with my fingers here but anyway, I felt really honored to be part of this couple’s special day especially Lorraine! Congratulations and may your marriage be filled with laughter, joy, happiness and all kinds of blessings.


Yours Truly,


P.S. After this event, thinking that I wasn’t able to catch with the Queen Pageant anymore but hearing it was still on-going, I hurriedly rush to Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Lahug and decided not to change anymore because I didn’t want to miss the formal gowns and the Question & Answer. So that everyone will know why I wore a Barong on that event is because I came from this special event.


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