Backstage: ‘Off The Streets’ Fashion Show and After Party

I’m really sorry for the uber late post! Been super and uber busy when the ‘Ber’ months arrived with so many projects for not only for this year but next year as well. Super blessed! Thank you to everyone who have made each day brighter than the next. Love you, guys and you know who you are.

Anyway, I want to say a personally thank you once again to the brainchild of this fashion show, the one-and-only Alyssa Lao! You go girl! Amazing! Bravo!

David Cua and Alyssa Lao.

I was excited to see the ceiling of Penthouse filled with tiny, shiny and shimmering sparkles that I bet would have looked great at night. Good job, Lys! πŸ˜€

The multi-talented James Canete doing his magic! He is a make-up artist, photographer and fashion designer. Did I miss anything pah bah from the list of what he does?

Tashy, Jen and Andy all glam-up with make-up and hair buns. Would you believe how they made these buns was with tissue paper to make them really full? O.o

As night fall came, backstage madness begins.

CYDC – Apparel Division Winner, Pinky Magalona

I love this girl sorry I couldn’t remember your name though but totally love what you are wearing. You remind me of an adolescent French Girl strolling the streets of Paris during Spring.

For all those readers who want some little boy candy. Here you go. Jan Slater Young and Jake Maningo

This photo is for my beloved friend, Meme Dakay who is all the way across the Pacific Ocean. Missing you everyday, Me.

Sian Maynard wearing an original Meme Dakay Bib Neckpiece and a Patty Uytengsu piece with the designer herself.

Rizbelle Ostrea wearing an original Neil Felipp collection, the Gaia and an original Pastel Pink with a Pastel blue ribbon tube dress by Roni Anthony Yu. Everything looked like it was made for you, Riz! Beautiful!

Love the detail and construction of this piece! Really superb! Bold Statement! In short, Bongga!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to support the show! Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you as well to Cristine Cueto for this wonderful photo right below. Thank you, darling. πŸ™‚

After Party Shots

Paolo Berdin, Charlene Fajardo (Cebu’s very own Emma Watson), and Katrina Borromeo. Thank you guys for coming and showing the love! Thank you! πŸ˜€

The Lawyer-at-large, Mikel Rama

And a little fun shot for everyone before I end this post, I hope everyone had a blast for the double long weekends that has passed by. Still have more to share with everyone like a wedding and the Queen Pageant!

Yours Truly,


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