a COMPLEX shoe affair with SPERRY

I was recently invited by Complex Lifestyle Store for the unveiling of their new shoe brand, SPERRY Top – Sider, the original makers of the iconic boat shoes.

I was really thrilled to be invited because I love this brand when it comes to boat shoes. They are after all who started it. I love the classic, and nautical look of the shoes which perfectly fits my style. And not only do they look good, they feel great!

When I entered the store, I immediately loved the minimalistic interiors giving more emphasis to their array of colorful products. And I specially love the graffiti inspired artworks. I forgot the name of the group but I know that they are from Manila.

Here is Karen Ong, one the people behind Complex showing us a video about SPERRY and its history. I really had the pleasure of talking and meeting her personally a few days before during the Metro Dental event and then after for a few drinks. She is a wonderful person and I can’t wait to see her again when she visits Cebu.

And here are some shots that I stole from Eden of ChicInTheTropics. Thanks Eden! See you very soon.

After the whole the presentation, I immediately went to the  boat shoe that I have been eyeing while I was browsing through the selections. It is this high-cut coffee colored sued boat shoes.

And when I put the pair on my feet, they wouldn’t get off! Seriously! Literally!

I kid! hahaha

I realized that since I was not able to find any birthday gift for myself since their was nothing that gave me any interest. I decided to take them and realized that I got a 50% discount for being in the event! Yipee! Thank You!

With Karen, Eden and with all the other bloggers during the event.

Thank you Complex for bringing SPERRY to Cebu!

Yours Truly,



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