Yup! It is official. I’m now 22 which makes me more than legal. And I was still getting use to being 21. Sorry for the late post everyone. A nasty sick bug decided to visit me after my birthday and decided to stay for a week! What a great way to start on my 22nd year in this world. Maybe, this is one way for all the bad stuff in this coming year to go away and what’s left is all the good.

I’m super happy with Nivea’s facial skin care line for men. It has made my face smooth, firm, acne-free and glowing, a great boost of confidence when it comes to meeting with people and everything else that I do. And if any pimples decided to visit, Maybelline BB cream to the rescue and Lo’real’s Eye Roller for men for those horrible eye bags. But I can’t prescribe this to everyone because we all don’t have the same skin types, that’s why I suggest a visit to one of Cebu’s bubbliest, accommodating, and practical dermatologist, Tita Me-Mel Fernan of SkinWorks. She will not only give you a prescription but with a side of laughter.

You can either visit or make an appointment in her SkinWorks Clinic either in Mango Square or SM Cebu Basement.

Bought a gift for my mom from Rustan’s(mom’s favorite store) and she immediately knew what it was because every time, we have a date and visit the store, she would go to her favorite item, a Beka sauce pan and check on it. From there, she was giving me hints that she wants this. Sneaky Mommy! hahaha Maybe that’s where I got it. hahaha

My growing collection of JunJo Romantica. I love this Yaoi! It has comedy and romance which is a great stress reliever for me. It has been difficult to get these especially that a lot have wait listed for it. But hey, there is also animated series of these books if you want just a good time especially that the long weekend is coming up.

And I’ve been trying to make a survey on what shoes I used the most and these are the top of my list. Been raiding my closet lately to check on what I don’t use anymore because either I will be selling it or donating.

Going about me being 22, I have a lot to thank for the past year especially to my parents who are very supportive of me especially to my brand which is now 1 year old! I have a lot projects ahead of me! And I am super duper blessed that my designs were chosen to be part of the special setting for the Philippine Pavilion in the Bijorcha Show in Paris! And there is definitely more to come and I can’t wait to share with all of you, guys.

And I hope everyone will have an amazing long weekend ahead!

Yours Truly,


P.S. I’m planning of perming my hair. Getting bored of it lately. What do you guys think?


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