Bring me to the streets

Lennon Glasses, Neil Felipp Yakuza Skull Ring, Fossil Leather Watch, Metal Kabuki Print Sleeveless, Topman Skinny Jeans, Sinatra Leather shoes

Photography: Homer Medici

Cebustreetfashion (for more photos of Cebu’s street fashion)

I am totally blessed because I found out that I have been chosen to be in one of the special settings in an international event. I won’t be giving any full details just yet about it because I seriously don’t want to jinx it. But I really want to say thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity. Thank you!

Anyway, I met up with Homer and Elle to try Dong Juan. I’ve been hearing nothing but good reviews about the place especially on their burgers and lately, I’ve been craving for some good burgers or maybe I’m just simply pregnant. hahaha. kidding.

I’m no Ice Tea fan but I love looking at the bottles where they put their ice teas and let us see if Homer likes their ice tea?! hhhmm

I guess he does! 😀

Now, for their BURGER!

I love the presentation, so tantalizing with all of the slightly caramelized onions! I got the Chili Cheese Burger! It was good but it didn’t have a lasting impression to me or maybe because the chili was too overpowering. But I still have a few to try and I heard their Mushroom Cheese Burger is one of their best burgers which I am excited for the next time I visit.

If you are in a 200 php budget, then visit Dong Juan which can be found in the new Persimmon Place in Mabolo.

Yours Truly,



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