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Zee Lifestyle Fashion Issue ’11

If you are in the Philippines, please go the nearest magazine stand and get the latest Zee Lifestyle Fashion Issue ’11 and see not only my entry to the Cebu Young Designers’ competition but also with my fellow finalists. And one of those finalists is my very close friend not only in the industry but in real life, Meme Dakay.

And please do check out the Stylish Femmes Feature to see on Raleene Cabrera wearing her favorite Neil Felipp Statement ring, the Ram Ring.

Thank you so much Raleene for all the love!

Please do check her blog to see this fashion blogger, singer, photographer in her amazing adventures.

and please do hype her look in lookbook.

I want to say a big thank you to Zee Lifestyle for this feature and doing a wonderful job in presenting my pieces in their pages and and a special thank you to Hannah Bacalla for being a talented photographer for taking them. Thank you.

Definitely more to come.

Yours Truly,

Neil Felipp

P.S. As you all know, I have joined an organization that supports education, ILearners and I have been chosen to head the design committee for their incoming event, the General Assembly and the theme is a kiddie party and right now, all the props and decor are in my room and it feels like a scene from the Candy World of Willy Wonka. I invite everyone to join the group and attend the General Assembly to be taken into this whimsical kiddie party…:D



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Yup! It is official. I’m now 22 which makes me more than legal. And I was still getting use to being 21. Sorry for the late post everyone. A nasty sick bug decided to visit me after my birthday and decided to stay for a week! What a great way to start on my 22nd year in this world. Maybe, this is one way for all the bad stuff in this coming year to go away and what’s left is all the good.

I’m super happy with Nivea’s facial skin care line for men. It has made my face smooth, firm, acne-free and glowing, a great boost of confidence when it comes to meeting with people and everything else that I do. And if any pimples decided to visit, Maybelline BB cream to the rescue and Lo’real’s Eye Roller for men for those horrible eye bags. But I can’t prescribe this to everyone because we all don’t have the same skin types, that’s why I suggest a visit to one of Cebu’s bubbliest, accommodating, and practical dermatologist, Tita Me-Mel Fernan of SkinWorks. She will not only give you a prescription but with a side of laughter.

You can either visit or make an appointment in her SkinWorks Clinic either in Mango Square or SM Cebu Basement.

Bought a gift for my mom from Rustan’s(mom’s favorite store) and she immediately knew what it was because every time, we have a date and visit the store, she would go to her favorite item, a Beka sauce pan and check on it. From there, she was giving me hints that she wants this. Sneaky Mommy! hahaha Maybe that’s where I got it. hahaha

My growing collection of JunJo Romantica. I love this Yaoi! It has comedy and romance which is a great stress reliever for me. It has been difficult to get these especially that a lot have wait listed for it. But hey, there is also animated series of these books if you want just a good time especially that the long weekend is coming up.

And I’ve been trying to make a survey on what shoes I used the most and these are the top of my list. Been raiding my closet lately to check on what I don’t use anymore because either I will be selling it or donating.

Going about me being 22, I have a lot to thank for the past year especially to my parents who are very supportive of me especially to my brand which is now 1 year old! I have a lot projects ahead of me! And I am super duper blessed that my designs were chosen to be part of the special setting for the Philippine Pavilion in the Bijorcha Show in Paris! And there is definitely more to come and I can’t wait to share with all of you, guys.

And I hope everyone will have an amazing long weekend ahead!

Yours Truly,


P.S. I’m planning of perming my hair. Getting bored of it lately. What do you guys think?

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Lately, I have been listening to this Australian DJ, Pogo. He is very creative and talented in getting sounds and music from our favorite Disney films and turning them into beautiful, fun and energetic music remixes.

And here are one of my favorites:

UPULAR (Pixar Remix)

ALICE (Disney Remix)

Expialidocious (Disney Remix)

If you want to hear more about this amazing DJ, you can simply check on the youtube videos right above or you can click on the link below and start downloading some of his catchy mixes.


I hope you love his mixes as much as I do.

Yours Truly,


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The Huntington

During my family visit in the States, we were able to visit the Huntington Library and Museum.

The Huntington is a private nonprofit collections-based research and educational institution founded in 1919 by Henry E. Huntington. He was an exceptional businessman who built a financial empire that included railroad companies, utilities, and real estate holdings in Southern California.

He was also a man of vision – with a special interest in books, arts, and gardens During his lifetime, he amassed the core of one of the finest libraries in the world, established a significant art collection, and created an array of botanical gardens with plants from a geographic range spanning the globe.

-from the pamphlet-

Through the North Vista which was filled with beautifully carved sculptures and the one of the botanical gardens, you reach the Huntington Art Gallery which was once the house of Edward Huntington. HUGE! For some reason, I can imagine Elizabeth Bennet running out of this door as her beloved, Mr. Darcy runs after her.

One of the main attractions of this art gallery is the room filled with huge portraits of some of the relatives and in-laws.

Really amazing detail of the portraits. Just look at how the fabric of her gown seems to shine giving the illusion that it is real.

Going around to check some of the other works and collections around this art gallery then going to the next Art Gallery which is the Scotts Gallery (American Art). Totally excited to finally see with my very own eyes a Warhol! 😀

And finally, the works of Warhol!

There was something very interesting about this work by Samuel L. Francis, Free Floating Clouds. The strokes, the choice of colors and the size of the painting made it really mesmerizing.

I love the fiber optics in this room! They are like stars! And what is so nice is that they BLINK as if they were really stars!

As we finished some of the art galleries and on the way back to the car, we were able to pass by the rose gardens. And here stood in the middle was this beautiful and graceful marble sculpture surrounded by white roses. If you go around this garden, you would be captivated by the mass variety of roses differing from color, to size. No wonder, this place is one of the top choices in LA to have a romantic and intimate event. I was able to see a wedding being prepared and I really wished I could have watched as the bride walked through the roses.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and there is definitely more to come.

Yours Truly,


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Bring me to the streets

Lennon Glasses, Neil Felipp Yakuza Skull Ring, Fossil Leather Watch, Metal Kabuki Print Sleeveless, Topman Skinny Jeans, Sinatra Leather shoes

Photography: Homer Medici

Cebustreetfashion (for more photos of Cebu’s street fashion)

I am totally blessed because I found out that I have been chosen to be in one of the special settings in an international event. I won’t be giving any full details just yet about it because I seriously don’t want to jinx it. But I really want to say thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity. Thank you!

Anyway, I met up with Homer and Elle to try Dong Juan. I’ve been hearing nothing but good reviews about the place especially on their burgers and lately, I’ve been craving for some good burgers or maybe I’m just simply pregnant. hahaha. kidding.

I’m no Ice Tea fan but I love looking at the bottles where they put their ice teas and let us see if Homer likes their ice tea?! hhhmm

I guess he does! 😀

Now, for their BURGER!

I love the presentation, so tantalizing with all of the slightly caramelized onions! I got the Chili Cheese Burger! It was good but it didn’t have a lasting impression to me or maybe because the chili was too overpowering. But I still have a few to try and I heard their Mushroom Cheese Burger is one of their best burgers which I am excited for the next time I visit.

If you are in a 200 php budget, then visit Dong Juan which can be found in the new Persimmon Place in Mabolo.

Yours Truly,


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