BPI’s 160th Preferred Anniversary Dinner

I was specially requested by Tita Dada, the Division Head of BPI’s Preferred banking and branches to attend BPI’s 160th anniversary for their Preferred Banking clients in Cebu and good thing, my parents is one of them and some very close family friends at least this way I would not be alone during this whole dinner.

I am very grateful and blessed for this wonderful lady, Tita Dada who always makes the time to visit me and the showroom whenever she is in Cebu. I consider her as one of my very supportive other mothers especially that she tells me to further push my talent and she recently contacted someone who I can’t believe she did and she wants me to talk to this person as soon as possible.

But anyway, I will talk further about that in another post because it deserves to have it’s own spotlight when I finally meet this person.

I’m truly amazed that BPI is now 160 years old. Wow! That is truly an accomplishment and it shows that they have proven their worth as one of the best banking establishments in the Philippines. We, today have to be very careful with our money because we worked hard for it and we want to put it in a very secured place that we are assured that it won’t vanish just like a snap unless we decide to go to a super insane shopping spree in a state of high and insanity, then ok.

That’s why I trust BPI because I have not encountered any problem with them so far and I love there accessibility so that you can easily know the status of your account or make any transactions.

And here she is Tita Dada giving her thank you speech to all of the clients who has trusted BPI all these years and she introduces BPI’s preferred entertainment

The one-and-only MARTIN NIEVERA 

To be honest, I am not really a fan but I was for that night until I finally heard his voice, live. It was really charming how he sang and I was able to sing along some of his songs because my mom would play it sometimes in the house when she takes a bath. haha.

He was telling to everyone that his first paycheck, 19 years ago was worth 350 pesos and he deposited in BPI and now, it is still 350 pesos. hahaha. He knew how to interact with the crowd which made them love him even more. He would go to you and if he spotted you videoing, he would get your Iphone and start singing in front of it as he goes around so that you will have a lasting memory of him.

Me with the some of the  beautiful ladies of the night, Tita Dada and of course, my mom. 😀


I was totally wondering why my mom and her bestfriend, Tita Meanne got my camera all of a sudden to snuck away somewhere and I FOUND THIS! Caught in the act! hahaha.

I want to thank Martin Nievera for being there for Tita Meanne during her fight for breast cancer that’s why they are breastfriends.

Remember ladies, always get your yearly breast check-up every Pink October because it is best to have an early detection rather than you know what.

Congratulations once again, BPI!

Yours Truly,



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  1. Great article, I am glad that you’ve shared this kind of topic to us. Thanks for letting us know about this, I hope philippines will have more improvement and many businessmen will invest to our country. 🙂


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