The curious wanderer

Yesterday, I went to Taboan Market to source some materials for this incoming competition. If some of you don’t know, Taboan is this area in Cebu City which is a very popular marketplace for buwad (Dried fish) and a few hemp materials such as Abaca and Rattan. I didn’t really know what to expect. I was scared and at the same time excited because it is my first time to go to that market all by myself.

I’m really sorry that I wasn’t able to take any photos of the places just because some safety precautions.

It was really interesting to see piles of buwad with all kinds of textures and sizes in their woven baskets and with the kind sales attendants, it was really inviting to buy some for my parents but I have other priorities that need more focus on.

As I went deeper to the market, I saw a sad sight to see. Kids and babies, barely clothed, covered with dirt. From there, I really said to myself of how blessed I am. That’s why I decided to join ILearners to promote Education in rural areas of Cebu because I believe Education is the key to a brighter future. But anyway, that is a different post to share with you, guys.

Through the market, I saw banigs (woven mats) and ropes all made with our indigenous materials. It was really beautiful to see. Every weave has a story to tell about the person that made them. Even though, I really hoped to find something that I can really use for the competition but sadly I wasn’t able to find any that give me that wow factor because the communities that I’m looking for have already perished to the pages of history but either way, I will try to find somewhere else for that material that can give me a KAPOW!

But this was a very enlightening trip, I was able to meet nice people who talked to me about our Visayan craft. I just can’t really explain it but it felt good for some reason going there by myself and trying my best to talk in bisaya as hard as I can.

I encourage everyone just go there explore. Open your mind and heart for the whole world has a lot to offer.

And I was able to see this inspiring commercial by Louis Vuitton with Angelina Jolie as the endorser. Where she talks about her adventures going to Cambodia and I kind of relate with her especially this latest adventure I had.



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  1. Downtown Cebu is filled with so much heritage. Unfortunately, you have to be real careful with your stuff when you visit there.

    It’s pretty amazing how the poorest countries/places open a whole new different (and wonderful) world. And it’s inspiring that you are sharing your blessings with the less fortunate 🙂

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