Neil Felipp loves Raleene (2)

Raleene wearing a Neil Felipp Ram Ring in the 10th year Anniversary of Topshop.
I want to thank Raleene for tagging me in her pictures for this. Thank you! Thank you for the wonderful support and love! ❤

I’m very blessed.

If you love this look, send some of your love in her lookbook and/or chicotopia.

And I found this in the twitter universe of her and her band, Walkie Talkies and Robin Nievera at the Sound Circle making their own mash-up of Rolling in the Deep by Adele and Crazy by Gnarls Barkley which are some of my favorites songs. I must say WOW!!! I can barely catch a tune (much worse if I’m drinking. hahahaha) and I’m always amaze at people who can. Total jelly moment. Anyway guys, Enjoy!

Yours Truly

Neil Felipp


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