I see you. You see me

Thrifted Glasses, Mental Sleeveless with Black and White Kabuki Print, Folded & Hung Native print Board Shorts, Fossil Leather Wristwatch

A lot of things has been juggling in my head, further study and development of my brand, Neil Felipp, developing new home accessories for the company hoping the client will approve of it, catalog development, organizing my closet, preparing an entry for a national design competition (hoping I would be at least one of the finalist. really really hoping), handling my first ever international orders and doing all of this before bed time. Wow! Here at this moment, I truly value the importance of time management and a healthy body or else I will not be able to accomplish anything.

Besides all that, I decided to play with fashion a little bit further. So this was the top I found so attractive in Mental which was on Sale and then a few days ago, I bought this Folded & Hung board shorts look perfect for them but I was really hurt to find out that their other outlet was selling the same shorts 30% OFF! I got a little disappointed finding out about this but oh well, why sob when it is just a waste of time. hahaha

I’m really happy to say that I’m now 140 lbs which means I lost 20 lbs! Yes, i was 160 lbs before and I looked preggers. Now, I finally lost the stomach and all I have to work on is to make it firmer and it definitely will be challenge! And if you guys are thinking I lost this weight inhumanely, and yes. I used super divine powers. No, I’m just kidding. Just eating healthy foods, sleep and exercise and you will see your body changed to a whole better you. I feel like an endorser there for a moment. hahaha

Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead.

Yours Truly,



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