Monte Carlo

Saw my movie buddy at the parlor hoping she would be there and immediately grabbed her to watch this movie before she leaves for Australia to take on her Masters. We seriously had to rush because the movie was a few more minutes until showing and it was a weekend which is always paired with a huge crowd especially there is a good list of movies to watch like Transformers 3.

Saw that there was this super duper long line that will take centuries and we didn’t have the time to watch the next premiere. Had to improvise, I realized I was an A-Card holder before but lost my card because my wallet was either stolen or decided to leave my sexy butt for another, disloyal much. hahaha. Anyway, I had to try it out since barely anyone was in that counter. It was really nice of the lady to give us tickets despite that I lost my card. It must have been either my irresistible puppy dog face or the fact that she is leaving and I won’t be going with my movie buddy for the long time. You choose.

 I enjoyed watching the film as they go around the City of Love, Paris then to the beautiful beaches and streets of Monte Carlo. I think my favorite sub story would be that of Leighton Meester but I will not be spilling any details for you except maybe the Australian Free Spirited guy that is being played by Luke Bracey. I seriously thought he was one of the brothers of Chris Hemsworth.

I seriously fell in love when I saw the Bulgari Jewelry that she wore. The craftsmanship, elegance and beauty of the piece made me say I love you. Ok, that was just plain weird. haha But yes, it was a beautiful masterpiece of a composition of well cut emeralds and diamonds made for royalty.

Only downside I saw was the near ending which I found unrealistic.

But all in all, I highly suggest you watch this movie if you just want to have a good time and see some of the amazing places that Europe has to show.

Yours Truly,



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