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BPI’s 160th Preferred Anniversary Dinner

I was specially requested by Tita Dada, the Division Head of BPI’s Preferred banking and branches to attend BPI’s 160th anniversary for their Preferred Banking clients in Cebu and good thing, my parents is one of them and some very close family friends at least this way I would not be alone during this whole dinner.

I am very grateful and blessed for this wonderful lady, Tita Dada who always makes the time to visit me and the showroom whenever she is in Cebu. I consider her as one of my very supportive other mothers especially that she tells me to further push my talent and she recently contacted someone who I can’t believe she did and she wants me to talk to this person as soon as possible.

But anyway, I will talk further about that in another post because it deserves to have it’s own spotlight when I finally meet this person.

I’m truly amazed that BPI is now 160 years old. Wow! That is truly an accomplishment and it shows that they have proven their worth as one of the best banking establishments in the Philippines. We, today have to be very careful with our money because we worked hard for it and we want to put it in a very secured place that we are assured that it won’t vanish just like a snap unless we decide to go to a super insane shopping spree in a state of high and insanity, then ok.

That’s why I trust BPI because I have not encountered any problem with them so far and I love there accessibility so that you can easily know the status of your account or make any transactions.

And here she is Tita Dada giving her thank you speech to all of the clients who has trusted BPI all these years and she introduces BPI’s preferred entertainment

The one-and-only MARTIN NIEVERA 

To be honest, I am not really a fan but I was for that night until I finally heard his voice, live. It was really charming how he sang and I was able to sing along some of his songs because my mom would play it sometimes in the house when she takes a bath. haha.

He was telling to everyone that his first paycheck, 19 years ago was worth 350 pesos and he deposited in BPI and now, it is still 350 pesos. hahaha. He knew how to interact with the crowd which made them love him even more. He would go to you and if he spotted you videoing, he would get your Iphone and start singing in front of it as he goes around so that you will have a lasting memory of him.

Me with the some of the  beautiful ladies of the night, Tita Dada and of course, my mom. 😀


I was totally wondering why my mom and her bestfriend, Tita Meanne got my camera all of a sudden to snuck away somewhere and I FOUND THIS! Caught in the act! hahaha.

I want to thank Martin Nievera for being there for Tita Meanne during her fight for breast cancer that’s why they are breastfriends.

Remember ladies, always get your yearly breast check-up every Pink October because it is best to have an early detection rather than you know what.

Congratulations once again, BPI!

Yours Truly,



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The curious wanderer

Yesterday, I went to Taboan Market to source some materials for this incoming competition. If some of you don’t know, Taboan is this area in Cebu City which is a very popular marketplace for buwad (Dried fish) and a few hemp materials such as Abaca and Rattan. I didn’t really know what to expect. I was scared and at the same time excited because it is my first time to go to that market all by myself.

I’m really sorry that I wasn’t able to take any photos of the places just because some safety precautions.

It was really interesting to see piles of buwad with all kinds of textures and sizes in their woven baskets and with the kind sales attendants, it was really inviting to buy some for my parents but I have other priorities that need more focus on.

As I went deeper to the market, I saw a sad sight to see. Kids and babies, barely clothed, covered with dirt. From there, I really said to myself of how blessed I am. That’s why I decided to join ILearners to promote Education in rural areas of Cebu because I believe Education is the key to a brighter future. But anyway, that is a different post to share with you, guys.

Through the market, I saw banigs (woven mats) and ropes all made with our indigenous materials. It was really beautiful to see. Every weave has a story to tell about the person that made them. Even though, I really hoped to find something that I can really use for the competition but sadly I wasn’t able to find any that give me that wow factor because the communities that I’m looking for have already perished to the pages of history but either way, I will try to find somewhere else for that material that can give me a KAPOW!

But this was a very enlightening trip, I was able to meet nice people who talked to me about our Visayan craft. I just can’t really explain it but it felt good for some reason going there by myself and trying my best to talk in bisaya as hard as I can.

I encourage everyone just go there explore. Open your mind and heart for the whole world has a lot to offer.

And I was able to see this inspiring commercial by Louis Vuitton with Angelina Jolie as the endorser. Where she talks about her adventures going to Cambodia and I kind of relate with her especially this latest adventure I had.



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Neil Felipp loves Raleene (2)

Raleene wearing a Neil Felipp Ram Ring in the 10th year Anniversary of Topshop.
I want to thank Raleene for tagging me in her pictures for this. Thank you! Thank you for the wonderful support and love! ❤

I’m very blessed.

If you love this look, send some of your love in her lookbook and/or chicotopia.

And I found this in the twitter universe of her and her band, Walkie Talkies and Robin Nievera at the Sound Circle making their own mash-up of Rolling in the Deep by Adele and Crazy by Gnarls Barkley which are some of my favorites songs. I must say WOW!!! I can barely catch a tune (much worse if I’m drinking. hahahaha) and I’m always amaze at people who can. Total jelly moment. Anyway guys, Enjoy!

Yours Truly

Neil Felipp

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Zee Lifestyle: Arts & Culture Issue (2)

If you guys weren’t able to buy this issue because it is already out-of-stock (CONGRATS by the way to Zee for this), here is a clearer photo of Kim Chiu wearing the Aurelio Piece I designed.

Thank you once again to Zee Lifestyle and a special thank you to David Cua.

There is definitely more to come.

Yours Truly,

Neil Felipp

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I see you. You see me

Thrifted Glasses, Mental Sleeveless with Black and White Kabuki Print, Folded & Hung Native print Board Shorts, Fossil Leather Wristwatch

A lot of things has been juggling in my head, further study and development of my brand, Neil Felipp, developing new home accessories for the company hoping the client will approve of it, catalog development, organizing my closet, preparing an entry for a national design competition (hoping I would be at least one of the finalist. really really hoping), handling my first ever international orders and doing all of this before bed time. Wow! Here at this moment, I truly value the importance of time management and a healthy body or else I will not be able to accomplish anything.

Besides all that, I decided to play with fashion a little bit further. So this was the top I found so attractive in Mental which was on Sale and then a few days ago, I bought this Folded & Hung board shorts look perfect for them but I was really hurt to find out that their other outlet was selling the same shorts 30% OFF! I got a little disappointed finding out about this but oh well, why sob when it is just a waste of time. hahaha

I’m really happy to say that I’m now 140 lbs which means I lost 20 lbs! Yes, i was 160 lbs before and I looked preggers. Now, I finally lost the stomach and all I have to work on is to make it firmer and it definitely will be challenge! And if you guys are thinking I lost this weight inhumanely, and yes. I used super divine powers. No, I’m just kidding. Just eating healthy foods, sleep and exercise and you will see your body changed to a whole better you. I feel like an endorser there for a moment. hahaha

Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead.

Yours Truly,


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Neil Felipp in Lifestyle Asia Feature

I invite everyone to please buy the latest issue of this month’s Lifestyle Asia showcasing not only the beautiful ladies of Cebu but also featuring my pieces in this two page spread by Roana Capaque and talented photograhper, Arlu Gomez.

I’m really thankful and blessed for this to everyone who made this possible. I want to thank Kryz Uy, super big thank you to her. Eloise Daniot for being there for me, thank you darling! Roana Capaque and Arlu Gomez on the feature, they did an amazing job!

Thank you! Thank you!

and I want to add this other picture of my very good friend, Meme Dakay who has also been featured in this month’s issue. Can’t wait for her to coming back soon.

Definitely more to come everyone!

Yours Truly,

Neil Felipp

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Monte Carlo

Saw my movie buddy at the parlor hoping she would be there and immediately grabbed her to watch this movie before she leaves for Australia to take on her Masters. We seriously had to rush because the movie was a few more minutes until showing and it was a weekend which is always paired with a huge crowd especially there is a good list of movies to watch like Transformers 3.

Saw that there was this super duper long line that will take centuries and we didn’t have the time to watch the next premiere. Had to improvise, I realized I was an A-Card holder before but lost my card because my wallet was either stolen or decided to leave my sexy butt for another, disloyal much. hahaha. Anyway, I had to try it out since barely anyone was in that counter. It was really nice of the lady to give us tickets despite that I lost my card. It must have been either my irresistible puppy dog face or the fact that she is leaving and I won’t be going with my movie buddy for the long time. You choose.

 I enjoyed watching the film as they go around the City of Love, Paris then to the beautiful beaches and streets of Monte Carlo. I think my favorite sub story would be that of Leighton Meester but I will not be spilling any details for you except maybe the Australian Free Spirited guy that is being played by Luke Bracey. I seriously thought he was one of the brothers of Chris Hemsworth.

I seriously fell in love when I saw the Bulgari Jewelry that she wore. The craftsmanship, elegance and beauty of the piece made me say I love you. Ok, that was just plain weird. haha But yes, it was a beautiful masterpiece of a composition of well cut emeralds and diamonds made for royalty.

Only downside I saw was the near ending which I found unrealistic.

But all in all, I highly suggest you watch this movie if you just want to have a good time and see some of the amazing places that Europe has to show.

Yours Truly,


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