The Wizarding World…

This is one of the biggest highlights that I had in my USA trip was visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’m really sorry, guys that this was the some of the photos I was able to recover in this part of my adventure. I had so much to show you but if you think about it, at least I didn’t spoil the incoming fun that you will all have if you go. If ever, I was able to recover the rest, I will simply repost. 😀

Basically, there are two theme parks under Universal which are the Universal Studios and the Island of Adventure where the Wizarding World can be found. The number one tip if any of you have any plans to visit is you guys must definitely go early to the Island of Adventure and once they open the gates; immediately go to Harry Potter because later on it will be swarming with people.

I had this little happy witty feeling inside of me as I enter the entrance with the sign of Hogsmeade which will lead to the Hogwarts Castle. And right beside the entrance was the Hogwarts Express where the train conductor would welcome all the Muggles who would enter the Wizarding World. And as you walk your way to Hogsmeade,  it was really a treat for your eyes as you would see people wearing robes of there favorite Houses, holding wands and brooms. But before you look around, I highly advise that you will go straight to the castle and take the ride because the wait time can start from 20 minutes to 2 hours. As you enter the castle, prepare to have a blast as you make your way to take the ride, you will see Dumbledore’s chambers then suddenly Dumbledore will appear out of nowhere, the Defense to Dark Arts classroom where Harry, Hermione and Ron will welcome all of you, the staircases with all the paintings that will start talking to one another and many more.

About the ride, to be honest, I barely ride coasters because I have slight fear of heights but I’m slowly facing it but don’t worry about this ride if you have the same fear as mine because mostly everything  is virtually made and it is all in your mind but still, the ride was so great that I rode it twice despite the long wait time.

After you have taken the ride, you can try to go to Olivander’s Wand Shop but there is long line just to get in unfortunately it was too long for me that I just decided to go to the Owl Post Office where you can buy yourself all of your favorite wands from Harry’s even to the Elder Wand.

After the office, head to the Candy Store where you can see little Elves cutting the black licorice hair of a old man, chocolate frogs and the-ever-popular Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans with all the odd flavors you can imagine and right beside the candy store is Weasly Brothers’ shop of tricks and pranks.

But the only disappointing thing was the Butter Beer, I was kind of expecting a lot but if I would give a comparison to it for you, guys to imagine, it would be just another variation of a Rootbeer Float.

But despite that tiny little setback, it was a magical experience that every Harry Potter fan will be proud of. And one last tip, don’t spend so much on the merchandise even though how inviting they can be because some of them only look great when you are inside the park. Shop wisely and enjoy! 😀

Yours Truly,



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