Bon Appétit

So, this is my 2nd try on making Eggs Benedict which has become my latest addiction. I followed Julia Child’s recipe on the hollandaise sauce which was a bit tricky because you had to use the blender but the end result was just simply divine. Though we didn’t have any english muffin and some ham, I decided to improvise with wheat bread and freshly cooked bits of bacon.

But my simple achievement was my poached egg, my first try was totally catastrophic but with the advice of Paolo Berdin and my sister, Leslie; I was  able to get it near to perfection as you can see on the pic above when I finally sliced through the egg yolk.

And of course, the best side dish is bits of fried Potato in Olive oil with Rosemary and Italian rock salt.

In the words of Julia Child,

Bon Appétit

Yours Truly,




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