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It’s been awhile…

( Thrift Eye glasses, H&M Red and White Checkered top, DIY denim shorts, Fossil leather Watch, Oxygen Sack Backpack, Dexter Leather Boat Shoes )

I know it has been awhile now that I haven’t been posting fashion-related pictures of me because I’m shy. hahaha. Kidding guys but honestly, I just don’t have that much time. Anyway, here are some really happy finds that I wanted to share with everyone.

I have been getting a lot of compliments lately on this bag and I’m really thankful for all those compliments. And I’m still amazed at the fact that I found this in Oxygen. I was just browsing then BOOM! There it is! And the best thing was it was on SALE and it was the last piece so it was really a sign that I had to get it! My parents were even amazed at this find because they thought I spend a four-digit price for it and they found it very classy with a vintage appeal. And some good-old leather boat shoes that I bought from my US trip which I have been constantly pairing with denim shorts. I like the colors of denim and leather, they just just remind me of rugged American Classics.

And I want to thank Elysse for this sweet collage that she made for the brunch that we had with our moms. They found out that I knew how to cook Eggs Benedict and they all wanted to try especially my mom and I’m happy to say that they loved it.

Yours Truly,




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Stitch The City Collab

Stitch the City’s latest collection, Neon & Neutrals

Photography by the one-and-only:  Hannah Bacalla

Stylists: Paolo Berdin & Roni Yu

HMUA: Raisa Jan Bercede

Jewelry by yours truly, Neil Felipp

If you want to see more photos of this collection, just click on the link below:

Stitch The City

After a few weeks of technical difficulties with my internet provider, everything has been settled. That’s the reason why I haven’t been updating my blog as much as before. At least, that is all behind us and let us move along.

So this is the latest collaboration I did with Stitch the City. I was called by Paolo Berdin if he could borrow some of my pieces because it will be a luxury shoot and I was really honored that he thought of me. Thanks Pao! And when I heard Hannah Bacalla was taking the shoot, I immediately double my approval because I LOVE THIS GIRL!

Anyway, I love the sheerness and class of the tops of this collection. They look so light and airy which I find as perfect clothing especially with the tropical climate of Cebu but still giving that classy appeal. I only wish thought they had a Men’s line.

And lately, I’ve been having this weird obsession for sleeveless shirts ever since I purchase one from Mental which had this beautiful black and white print of a kabuki mask and the fabric was very light and thin which made me like it even more. I will be posting pics of it soon to show you, guys.

It is great to be back…

Yours Truly,



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The Wizarding World…

This is one of the biggest highlights that I had in my USA trip was visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’m really sorry, guys that this was the some of the photos I was able to recover in this part of my adventure. I had so much to show you but if you think about it, at least I didn’t spoil the incoming fun that you will all have if you go. If ever, I was able to recover the rest, I will simply repost. 😀

Basically, there are two theme parks under Universal which are the Universal Studios and the Island of Adventure where the Wizarding World can be found. The number one tip if any of you have any plans to visit is you guys must definitely go early to the Island of Adventure and once they open the gates; immediately go to Harry Potter because later on it will be swarming with people.

I had this little happy witty feeling inside of me as I enter the entrance with the sign of Hogsmeade which will lead to the Hogwarts Castle. And right beside the entrance was the Hogwarts Express where the train conductor would welcome all the Muggles who would enter the Wizarding World. And as you walk your way to Hogsmeade,  it was really a treat for your eyes as you would see people wearing robes of there favorite Houses, holding wands and brooms. But before you look around, I highly advise that you will go straight to the castle and take the ride because the wait time can start from 20 minutes to 2 hours. As you enter the castle, prepare to have a blast as you make your way to take the ride, you will see Dumbledore’s chambers then suddenly Dumbledore will appear out of nowhere, the Defense to Dark Arts classroom where Harry, Hermione and Ron will welcome all of you, the staircases with all the paintings that will start talking to one another and many more.

About the ride, to be honest, I barely ride coasters because I have slight fear of heights but I’m slowly facing it but don’t worry about this ride if you have the same fear as mine because mostly everything  is virtually made and it is all in your mind but still, the ride was so great that I rode it twice despite the long wait time.

After you have taken the ride, you can try to go to Olivander’s Wand Shop but there is long line just to get in unfortunately it was too long for me that I just decided to go to the Owl Post Office where you can buy yourself all of your favorite wands from Harry’s even to the Elder Wand.

After the office, head to the Candy Store where you can see little Elves cutting the black licorice hair of a old man, chocolate frogs and the-ever-popular Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans with all the odd flavors you can imagine and right beside the candy store is Weasly Brothers’ shop of tricks and pranks.

But the only disappointing thing was the Butter Beer, I was kind of expecting a lot but if I would give a comparison to it for you, guys to imagine, it would be just another variation of a Rootbeer Float.

But despite that tiny little setback, it was a magical experience that every Harry Potter fan will be proud of. And one last tip, don’t spend so much on the merchandise even though how inviting they can be because some of them only look great when you are inside the park. Shop wisely and enjoy! 😀

Yours Truly,


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Zee Lifestyle: Arts & Culture Issue

Hey everyone, please get the latest Arts & Culture Issue of Zee Lifestyle featuring Matteo Guidicelli and Kim Chiu.

Kim Chiu wearing one of my latest pieces, the Aurelio Neckpiece which is intricately carved brass inlaid with two types of Mother-of-pearl.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who have made this possible especially to David Jones Cua. Thank you!

Yours Truly,

Neil Felipp


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Bon Appétit

So, this is my 2nd try on making Eggs Benedict which has become my latest addiction. I followed Julia Child’s recipe on the hollandaise sauce which was a bit tricky because you had to use the blender but the end result was just simply divine. Though we didn’t have any english muffin and some ham, I decided to improvise with wheat bread and freshly cooked bits of bacon.

But my simple achievement was my poached egg, my first try was totally catastrophic but with the advice of Paolo Berdin and my sister, Leslie; I was  able to get it near to perfection as you can see on the pic above when I finally sliced through the egg yolk.

And of course, the best side dish is bits of fried Potato in Olive oil with Rosemary and Italian rock salt.

In the words of Julia Child,

Bon Appétit

Yours Truly,



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A little blog gathering

I recently went to my first ever bloggers’ meet-up which was organized by a personal friend of mine, Eden of Chic in the Tropics. I was really amazed of how many Cebu Bloggers came to this little gathering and it was really nice to see some of them were familiar faces that I haven’t seen for the longest time. I’m really sorry guys if I didn’t take any photos because my camera is taking a holiday. hahaha

But, guys. Look at the photo below of the ever dainty and fierce Gillian Uang wearing a customized Neil Felipp Psyche Ring in her own specifications. I’m really happy to say that she loved it very much.

If you want to see more photos and details on this little gathering, visit:

Photo Courtesy to Philip Acharon Lapinid IV for the awesome B/W pictures above. Totally loving them

Yours Truly,


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Eggs Benedict is Love.

After my meeting with Mia Arcenas, we went to A’ Cafe to have some lunch.

A’ Cafe is the new cafe created by Abaca Boutique Resort & Restaurant in Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City. I think by popularity, they decided to make a cafe to make them more accessible for the people in the Metro especially one’s who want to eat their delicious food but not willing to drive 30 minutes – 1 hour to Mactan.

I have been hearing nothing but good comments about this place lately in my news feed which has been tickling my curiosity especially there Eggs Benedict. So, we got the Eggs Benedict and Apple and Bleu Salad which was a really good combination. It was really orgasmic every bite that I took with the two. If you guys are wondering what is an Eggs Benedict, it is this dish where it comprises of four layers. The first bottom layer is the toasty french bread, then you work your way up to the poached egg, then the ham and finally to top it all of is the hollandaise sauce. When eating this dish, you must eat them all together or else you will not appreciate it. The Apple and Bleu Salad greatly complimented the dish especially the bits of bleu cheese which gave that extra zing to your mouth after eating the Eggs Benedict. All in all, it was a really a great lunch with good food and amazing company.

If you guys are in a budget then I don’t highly recommend that you should come to this place because it may be a bit pricey for you. So, that’s just a little heads up.

But anyway, if you want to know more about Abaca Boutique Resort & Restaurant, then just click on the link below,

I have been trying to search for A’ Cafe’s website but I don’t think they have any but if you guys are interested to go there,

A’ Cafe is right beside ICenter in Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City.

I hope everyone have a great weekend.

Yours Truly,


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