Los Angeles: Photo Diary

Sorry for the delay on this but I’m still wondering what happened to all of the other photos I have taken.

Totally loving the weather when I was there. We were really blessed when we arrived because the weather wasn’t too hot and too cold. I want to thank one of the best Tita and Tito (Aunt & Uncle) in the whole world, Tita Carol and Tito Efren who made this trip one of the most memorable for welcoming us to their beautiful home with loving Corgis, Brian and Courage who of which left their mark in our of balikbayan boxes. hahaha

There were a lot of places to see. One of them was this famous church which I totally forgot the name because I can’t seem to find my travel journal. Anyway, we went there to ask that our trip will be blessed and that we will all be fine. We went to Carlsbad which had these amazing field of flowers but they were not in total bloom because Spring was still arriving. People have always told me that the two seasons that you must visit the States is Spring because of all the flowers and Fall because of leaves changing to warm shades of orange and red. We went to a couple of farmers’ market. I had this picture where I was holding this huge garlic that is almost the size of my hand and another photo where I place the garlic right beside an apple just to show the comparison. Apparently, garlic was one of their best produce in that area to point that they would have a festival just for that produce and you can even find GARLIC ICE CREAM. If ever you are in the city, ask the folks around where is the nearest farmers’ market because during weekends, farmers would gather mostly in a parking area to sells some of their produce and sometimes, you can find interesting food and finds. You can kind of compare it to our own Salcedo Market in Manila. During my trip to the market, we brought the Corgis for a walk. Just a little added info, Corgis are the official dogs of the Queen. The people were loving them because they look like big fluffy pillows with legs. And since it was timing that it was Mother’s day, we bought some flowers for the ladies in the house. I love the vivid array of colors coming from the flowers.

Went to Griffith Observatory, I think some of you already know that this observatory has been used in so many films. Actually, when we arrived here. There was an Indian film that was ongoing because that would have explained the long black Hummers. You can actually enter the observatory for free except for certain areas. It was a very informative observatory showing the heavenly bodies above and how everything works. As you enter, you are welcomed by this huge pendulum counting the time of the day.

It was really great timing because we were able to witness a beautiful sunset over looking Los Angeles City and Beverly hills.

Still more to come.

Yours Truly,



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