I’ll be my own Firework

I have been a fan of this very talented individual every since he has released his own rendition of Teenage Dream. And I think this will be the song that will be playing in my head during my defense for the competition which is a few more hours from now.

I’m excited and nervous at the same. I never felt this way for anything before except on a first date but that doesn’t count. hahaha

I would want to say thank you to everyone who have sent me there best wishes and luck for this incoming defense. And for all of the people who has helped me prepare for this which was definitely not easy. Thank you! Thank you!

Fingers crossed.

Yours Truly,



P.S Reminding everyone to save the date this coming April 28 for the announcing of winners for the Cebu Young Designer’s competition which will be held in SM Northwing. There will be a fashion show with national models flying in, from Manila to Cebu A-list personalities that will be attending the event, publicist, designers, stylists and many more. This is definitely going to be a huge event.


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