Learning Bubble

Photo Courtesy: Paolo Manalac

I have decided that every time I profit from my sales, I would be giving a percentage to charity. I was looking for a charity that will be helpful for the development of our country and something I believe in whole heartedly. And I chose EDUCATION. I believe that education is the cure and ignorance is the disease. I was recommended by good friends to join ILearners. They are a non-profit organization based in Cebu and their vision is dedicated to supporting, enriching and enhancing the learning experience of all students in the rural areas, where illiteracy is of a great number,investing its resources in education and youth, eliminating iliiteracy one at a time.

I knew some of the members which made me more comfortable. In the first meeting that I attended with them, it was timing that their fellow member, Doyskie was going to celebrate his birthday in a few hours and decided to stay not knowing that my face will be covered with chocolate.

Totally forgot how much fun making bubbles are. When I was making bubbles on my way back to the cafe, I didn’t realize how many kids and even adults were having so much fun popping them. There should be like an International Bubble Day just like International Pillow Fight Day. haha

Decided to change my header and background for a change. Something new and refreshing for this summer. Tell me what you think? 🙂

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