March 2011 Collaboration

Dresses: Harvey Cenit

Accessories: Mayari Accessories and Neil Felipp Jewelry

MUA: Jessie Glova

Model: Tiana Ng Sakurai

Art Direction: Eloise Daniot

Photographer: Homer Anthony Medici


And Special thanks to:

Harley Ruedas

San Pedro Family

Marco & Dwight Handro (H+M)

Jessie Glova’s Assistants


There is still more to come. Wait for it!

Yours Truly,




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3 responses to “March 2011 Collaboration

  1. I enjoyed reading & I must say that I was very impressed with your writing skills. Keep up the good work it’s very refreshing to see someone like you 🙂

  2. Verry nice blog here! I really enjoyed reading it so much that I bookmarked this on digg! I wish you continued success!

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