A little BTS from me to you…

Getting a litte paranoid because everything has become a whirlwind lately because I never expected this much people would be falling in love with my pieces which I’m really grateful for. Thank you! One of the main reasons why I wake up everyday and go to work.

Anyway, here is a little BTS of a shoot with some Neil Felipp Rings and Mayari Accessories.

This is a collaboration with Harvey Cenit, Homer Anthony Medici, Paolo Marco, Tiana Ng, Jessie Glova and Eloise Daniot.

The pre-photos are just amazing especially the burst of colors from the dresses to my accessories down to the shoes. And when it came to my rings, everything was very sensual and elegant especially Tiana (above) who really knew how to model with them. And a few more surprises to come when I post the official photos because they are definitely going to be epic.


Yours Truly,



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