NF meets RL…

The whole day was packed with so many things. Trying to finish some pieces for this and that. I’m really hoping that everything will be finish on time for their intended date. Sigh.

Anyhow, went to Ferimar to give some love to Mia Arcenas on her newly released Spring/Pre Summer Collection. Everything was beautiful from the showroom down to the pieces. If I was a girl physically, I would have been buying a lot for me but oh well, decided to buy some as gifts instead. Unfortunately, I left my camera because I was not expecting today that I will be be going anywhere. I hope Mimi took some really good photos which I will just grab later if ever. hahaha

Then right after, went straight to Plain and Prints in SM Cebu to finally meet and congratulate the one-and-only RAJO LAUREL on his latest collaboration with Plain and Prints. He was really amazing to look at. He personally assisted everyone no matter who you are. It was a beautiful sight to see. Inside of me, I was like saying to myself that I should be like that no matter how successful I am. And to see the beautiful Divine Lee personally assisting and writing the receipts in the register was another treat to the eyes. Inspiring.

Finally, Tita Memel was the one who personally introduce me to Rajo. I was like this kid meeting his superhero for the first time. I honestly don’t know what to say. He was just amazing and I presented few pictures of my work. Thank you, Apple for developing the ITouch. The main reason why I bought it is to show my pieces in a professional way and all in the palm of your hand. ❤
He loved everything and he immediately wants me to go to Manila to so that I can put some of my pieces in his shop, how to market them and to work on future collaborations. I felt like fireworks were coming out of me from Katy Perry’s MV of Firework. It such a wonderful feeling to be really appreciated by professionals in the industry.

And I was able to meet with Rajo’s longtime partner, Nix Alanon. Wonderful conversation about their past and future travels and everything else.. I loved looking at Nix with his whole outfit. Such a rarity to see someone to bring such class and sophistication here in Cebu. The eye on detail from the scarf to the belt and I forget to take a pic of the shoes. haha. I do have a picture of Divine and me but on my ITouch and it wouldn’t give justice to the beauty and amazing personality that she is.

This was just the the perfect pick-me-up day that I needed.

But of course, this would not have happen without these people. Thank You Mia Arcenas for inviting me to visit and I’m really happy that the skull ring that I gave you brings you so much luck and joy! ❤ Thank you to my mom who me invited me along to the Plain and Prints Event, Thanks Mom! Love you! Tita Memel for introducing me to Rajo! Thank you Thank you! and of course Carlo Villarica for letting me borrow your cam! You are truly a lifesaver and I cant wait for our event together! 😀

Yours Truly,



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