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Treff Series

Photo Courtesy to Paolo Berdin. And for more photos on the Treff Series visit his blog.


The first thing I want to say for this post is THANK YOU to everyone who have been ordering my  pieces especially my recently released rings. All of you are truly an inspiration for me to constantly design something, new, creative and beautiful.

As you all now, Lent is now upon us  and I have been wondering what to sacrifice. To be honest this is the first time that I have decided to sacrifice  anything for Lent. There was this whole list that I had made and apparently, I was hoping that it would not be food related in any way but I guess it is the only one that I can really apply.

And it is WHITE RICE!

So far, It has been three or four days now that I have not eaten white rice and the best part is I have not been craving for it because I found a way and I’m willing to share but I must warn you though that it is not a pleasant one. Here it goes, whenever I look at white rice, I think of them as maggots just recently harvested from a decaying corpse all wiggly and wormy. I know. Disgusting but at least it works.

Besides, I noticed that there is this change in my body specially in my abdominal area and people have noticed it too as well. So guys in the gym are really right after all about loosing the carbs and replacing them with whole wheat bread can make a uber healthy difference in your body.

Today, after all these years! Kidding! A year actually, I finally got my diploma proving that I graduated from the University of the Philippines. I can’t believe I had to wait a year after graduation just for me to get my diploma and I still don’t understand why.

Before I end this post, there is this tumbler that my friend recommended me. I don’t want to post any photo for I want you to personally check it out. I just want to say that the photos are just amazing to look at from composition to the subject. Just beautiful.

Yours Truly



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