When I saw this dress recently being featured in many of the design blogs that I usually visit. My eyes popped and my mouth dropped at the outstanding craftsmanship, technique, execution and innovation of the people behind this dress. I know that there will be some people who will not be as appreciative as me by the beauty of this dress but just look at the architectural detail of this dress.

This is the collaboration of London-based Architect Daniel Wedrig and Sutch Fashion Designer Iris Van Herpen who first shown this collection in Amsterdan Fashion Week 2010. This collection (above) is called Crystallization – a fashion collection of 3D-printed dresses. Escapism is the continuation of this collaboration and launched at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year.

The goal of the Escapism collection is to take 3D printing and push the limits on the wearability of the printed pieces. It investigates the possibility of using advanced technologies and computer-aided design to create haute couture fashions made of fiber-like elements that are lightweight and flexible.

Who knows, this may be an inspiration for my future collections to come.

For more photos on this collaboration, visit:



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