Creatively Radical…

Photo Taken by Homer Medici


There is this book that has totally intrigued my fascination. The Idea Book by Fredrik Haren. It was suggested by a recently acquainted friend whom I found out is one of the owners of my first few collections. It was a wonderful coincidence…:)

Anyway, back to this book. The book has a subtle design. All black with just a title in the center saying THE IDEA BOOK with silver as the font’s color. But as you open it and scan it, you see there are colored pages with content and blank pages, 150 blank pages to be exact.

The explanation for this from the author is when you have filled your book with notes, observations, doodles and ideas, then you will have a complete idea book. Interactive and Ingenious.

I wanna share one part of the book with you and who knows maybe I will share more in my future post.

Think of a popular designer, may it be an architect such as Zaha Hadid, fashion designer like Alexander Mcqueen or whoever you want and remove them from their expertise to something else like if Zaha Hadid would design a dress, how would it look like? Or if the designers of BMW would design a phone.

Have fun.

Yours Truly,




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