Why oh My…

Thrifted Glasses, Neil Felipp Ram Ring, Onesimus Bow Tie, H&M Checkered Long Sleeves, Vintage Tag Heuer Watch, DIY Denim shorts.

Photo Taken by Homer Medici

Found out that the competition would be moved during the photoshoot with fellow finalists because it is the day after the ground breaking of the new SM in SRP (South Road Properties) and there is this whole line of events that will follow. WOW Cebu! So much being built. I just hope that they do something about the roads because traffic here is getting worse. Just to mention some, I.T PARK AREA PLEASE!! DPWH!!!!

It is good news to hear since it will give me more time to work on my piece so that it will be able to reach perfection but unfortunately, it falls on a date which I will not be around within the country. I can’t believe that this is the second time that has happened to me. Sigh. And I was so excited since I found out that this will be a huge event since Cary Santiago will be spearheading the event. Whether I win or not, I’m just really grateful for the publicity that will be gained from this.

And lately, I have been practicing the tango and my legs hurt from all the bending of my legs. The tango is such a seductive and beautiful dance. Here is one good example. The dancing scene in “Scent of a Woman” with Al Pacino. Well, this is the Argentinian tango which I will not be doing but anyway, it is still a kind of tango.

Yours Truly,


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