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The Assembly Bazaar is today and just want to remind everyone for the first few buyers will get a very special discount for Mayari Accessories.



Yours Truly,



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March 2011 Collaboration

Dresses: Harvey Cenit

Accessories: Mayari Accessories and Neil Felipp Jewelry

MUA: Jessie Glova

Model: Tiana Ng Sakurai

Art Direction: Eloise Daniot

Photographer: Homer Anthony Medici


And Special thanks to:

Harley Ruedas

San Pedro Family

Marco & Dwight Handro (H+M)

Jessie Glova’s Assistants


There is still more to come. Wait for it!

Yours Truly,



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Florence+Machine’s COSMIC LOVE

I have been constantly listening to Florence+Machine lately ever since I heard the Glee Cover of Dogs Days are Over. I love the energy that she brings with every song and creativity of her videos. I would like to thank Jason Almendras for introducing me this song, Cosmic Love.

If you want to see the Music Video of this song, just click on the link below and be transported to this eccentric world of Florence+Machine.
Yours Truly,

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A little BTS from me to you…

Getting a litte paranoid because everything has become a whirlwind lately because I never expected this much people would be falling in love with my pieces which I’m really grateful for. Thank you! One of the main reasons why I wake up everyday and go to work.

Anyway, here is a little BTS of a shoot with some Neil Felipp Rings and Mayari Accessories.

This is a collaboration with Harvey Cenit, Homer Anthony Medici, Paolo Marco, Tiana Ng, Jessie Glova and Eloise Daniot.

The pre-photos are just amazing especially the burst of colors from the dresses to my accessories down to the shoes. And when it came to my rings, everything was very sensual and elegant especially Tiana (above) who really knew how to model with them. And a few more surprises to come when I post the official photos because they are definitely going to be epic.


Yours Truly,


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DISCOUNTS for the first few…

The first 5 buyers of Mayari Accessories shall get a very special discount.

So, save the date and shop in this coming Assembly Bazaar and who knows what amazing things you may find.


Yours Truly,


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Design is all around…

It is officially OUT! Billboards have been placed in designated areas and the visual billboards are playing. As you all know, I have announced that it will be on the 29th but I guess the organizers have changed it again and moved it on the 28th of April.

I’m inviting everyone to watch and if you are not able to, there will be an exhibit on the works of the finalist including mine.

It really pains me that I will not be here on this event because of my trip. Oh well, I can no longer complain.

Anyway, if you have been following the latest design blogs or the newspaper. The long awaited Bamboo Car by Kenneth Cobonpue, the Phoenix is FINALLY completed. I have personally seen the development of this car and I must say it was not EASY but just look at it. It truly has the signature look of a Kenneth Cobonpue design piece from the material to its form. Another proud moment for all of us, Cebuanos because this is the FIRST Bamboo Car ever made in the world.

For more details on the Phoenix, Bamboo Car, click on the link below,

First Bamboo Car draws rave in Milan


Yours Truly,


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The Assembly Bazaar

I invite everyone to come and shop on the Assembly Bazaar this coming March 31st in the Outpost.

I will be selling some Neil Felipp Jewelry like my most-wanted rings and bracelets as well as my latest line of accessories, Mayari Accessories that our perfect accessories for this coming summer when you all go out in the beach with your beautiful swimwear.:D

I would like to personally thank Carlo Villarica for inviting me to this event.

If you want more details about this event/bazaar, just click on the image to go to the official website of the organizers, ZEROTHREETWO.

Yours Truly,


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