Would you do the same?

Limited Edition Ram Ring by Neil Felipp, Tag Heuer Watch,  Thrifted Glasses, Onesimus Bow tie, Topman White Long Sleeves, F&H Slim grey belt, and DIY Denim Shorts.

Hype this look at lookbook.

Photo taken by Homer Medici

I got the most amazing news in my email just last Sunday. I’m a finalists for this year’s Cebu Young Designers’ Competition – Accessories Division. I screamed and jumped for joy because for the whole weekend; I kept on praying and hoping that I’ll be in. And YES! I’M IN!

The next day, decided to join Loise and Homer on their road trip to Liloan. While waiting for Kara in the Liloan Church, we saw these freshly-cooked street side pancakes and they were soo irresistible. I had like two rounds eating them because they were delicious and they reminded me of my childhood. But anyway, we went to the Liloan lighthouse and decided to take some photos. I never expected that the photos would look this good despite the natural light quickly dying away. Still waiting for the other photos especially from the film camera. That will be in another post. Something to look forward too.

The roadtrip/photoshoot was what I really needed for a refresher especially the fun and amazing company who I have not seen for the longest time. And the best thing was they let me try the best tasting ginabot ever! Good thing, I will only be eating it only once a year for health reasons. hahaha.

Yours Truly,



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One response to “Would you do the same?

  1. No, I won’t do the same.
    Hello Nike! It’s been a while.. Nice ring you got there! 🙂

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