Ring Addiction

These rings that I designed has just came out of production and I immediately grab them because I never thought that they would come out so beautiful. Lately, I ‘m having this addiction for huge rings and all thanks to Mia Arcenas.

Each ring is limited and customization to fit the finger is definitely offered.

Azlan Ring

-Brass Ring in Vintage Finish-

Ram Ring

– Brass Ring in Brass Plate-

If you are interested, just type your email in the comment and I will send you the prize.


Yours Truly,

Neil Felipp




Filed under Cebu, Design, Fashion

3 responses to “Ring Addiction

  1. Shine San Pedro-Cabigon

    hi, nikes…have been reading ur blog and made my own finally…love ur designs nike, so proud of u….

  2. Konichiwa!

    How much would those rings be?

  3. Arizia Sumilang

    Hi. I wanna know the price 🙂 ariziasumilang@hotmail.com

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