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Would you do the same?

Limited Edition Ram Ring by Neil Felipp, Tag Heuer Watch,  Thrifted Glasses, Onesimus Bow tie, Topman White Long Sleeves, F&H Slim grey belt, and DIY Denim Shorts.

Hype this look at lookbook.

Photo taken by Homer Medici

I got the most amazing news in my email just last Sunday. I’m a finalists for this year’s Cebu Young Designers’ Competition – Accessories Division. I screamed and jumped for joy because for the whole weekend; I kept on praying and hoping that I’ll be in. And YES! I’M IN!

The next day, decided to join Loise and Homer on their road trip to Liloan. While waiting for Kara in the Liloan Church, we saw these freshly-cooked street side pancakes and they were soo irresistible. I had like two rounds eating them because they were delicious and they reminded me of my childhood. But anyway, we went to the Liloan lighthouse and decided to take some photos. I never expected that the photos would look this good despite the natural light quickly dying away. Still waiting for the other photos especially from the film camera. That will be in another post. Something to look forward too.

The roadtrip/photoshoot was what I really needed for a refresher especially the fun and amazing company who I have not seen for the longest time. And the best thing was they let me try the best tasting ginabot ever! Good thing, I will only be eating it only once a year for health reasons. hahaha.

Yours Truly,



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Disney Underwear Supermodels

Watched Black Swan then a Disney marathon with good friends in the house. One conversation led to the other which suddenly reached to a point about Disney Heroes being Underwear Super Models! My mouth dropped when I saw these sketches done by David Kawena. They are beautiful! David is definitely talented and a genius in giving our favorite Disney Heroes with a new, delicious, and seductive look.

Thomas (Pocahontas) , Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty), Prince Eric (Little Mermaid and my favorite), Milo Thatch (Atlantis: The Lost Empire), John Smith (Pocahontas), Aladdin (Aladdin), Prince Adam (Beauty and the Beast), and last but not least, The Narnian Kings, Caspian and Peter.

There are more in his deviantart. These are just my favorites. There are Peter Pan, Gaston, Sitka from Brother Bear and even Troy Bolton.

I hope you enjoyed cause I did. hahaha.

Yours Truly,



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Ring Addiction

These rings that I designed has just came out of production and I immediately grab them because I never thought that they would come out so beautiful. Lately, I ‘m having this addiction for huge rings and all thanks to Mia Arcenas.

Each ring is limited and customization to fit the finger is definitely offered.

Azlan Ring

-Brass Ring in Vintage Finish-

Ram Ring

– Brass Ring in Brass Plate-

If you are interested, just type your email in the comment and I will send you the prize.


Yours Truly,

Neil Felipp



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MNL Bound

So, I missed about 3 or more events just because of this trips but oh well, sacrifices are needed to made for business. I was truly amazed by the offers of AirPhil and Cebu Pacific lately especially that you can get a round trip ticket for Manila for the amazing price of ZERO PESOS! I’m seriously not joking. One of my companions of this trip was able to get that promo. Amazing!

I was expecting that we would be riding this small plane like a bombardier and not an Airbus but WRONG!

Anyway, when I found out that future Chemical Engineer and Jewelry Designer, Meme Dakay was going to Manila to meet up some suppliers, I immediately ask to come and I did. As my contribution, I let her, Mich Uy (MUA for the Press Release of the Alexandria), and Arn Juanillo (Meme’s crazy assistant) stay in the family’s Amarsolo Condo in Rockwell instead of them staying in the hotel. And this is the first time for me to try staying in the condo. The best part of the condo is that it is right across Rockwell Powerplant Mall which is one of my favorite malls in Manila because of the ambience, the layout and especially the interior. I wish there would be a mall like that in Cebu one of these days.


That’s the outside view of the condo and microwaveable meals that you can find in 7eleven but apparently, we just found out that the microwave was busted so we had no choice but cook them in the stove. hahahaha. And I thought I wouldn’t be cooking in this trip but it was fun.

It has always been a tradition or ritual for Meme and certain members of her family to visit the Baclaran Church every time she visit Manila. I liked the interior details of the ceiling but I couldn’t really focus on all that because it is a place for prayer. And I prayed that this trip would be blessed and fruitful which it was.

The first supplier that we had to meet decided that we should meet in this little Japanese Resto in the middle of China Town. I think it was in Binondo. I’m not totally sure if that’s the place but I do apologize. I have horrible directions when it comes to Manila. All I know is Rockwell and Serendra. hahaha. Back to this resto, it was really quaint and it would be definitely be place I want to chill and eat some good Japanese Food for an affordable price. What was really good about their food that despite that I have only eaten a little from that morning, I was immediately full to the point that I was not even able to finish my cup of rice which I usually do.

I wasn’t able to take photos of the other suppliers that we would meet because of security reasons but all I can say is; WOW! (in a good way.haha)

Afterwards, since we had a little spare time. We pass by some malls and one of them was Serendra. There are only four things that I look forward to when I am there and that is 1. CONTI’s, 2. Sonja’s CUPCAKES, 3. the biggest FULLYBOOKED and 4. MUJI!!

While we were walking around Serendra, the area is dog-friendly after all.  I was immediately mesmerized by this adorable Chow-Chow. I have never seen a two-tone that almost reminded me a Mammon Pastry from Goldilocks.

I forgot what was the names of the other three cupcakes but I was look for my favorite which is Vanilla Sunshine. Yumm! And I was able to buy some stuff from MUJI a Toiletries Traveling Bag and a Black Portfolio Book which is so hard to find in Cebu.

And since I was in Manila, I decided to party. Why not? Enjoy the moment.

Thanks to my cousin, Den for letting me tag along. Went to Amber. Saw new and old faces. And amazingly, I didn’t pass out considering I’m allergic to alcohol. haha. Oh yeah, the drink that I got was called Lychee Amparetto (I think?haha) and tasted great I liked that there was lychee in it. YUM!

For our last day, Rockwell. Chinese Red Lanterns filled the whole mall. Truly a treat for the eyes. I wanted to get everything that was being worn by these three mannequins. Simple, chic and classic. Chinese Fresh Lumpia being served in the hallways in celebration of the Chinese New Year. One of the best I have tried so far. And of course, PEPPER LUNCH!

In one of my past post, I did mention about this Pre-Valentine Art Exhibit. Even though I wasn’t in the opening, I visited anyway and here is my favorite. I love the play of color and the application of origami into it. It is by Rovi Salegumba and he titled it, Aflutter.

Amazing trip despite that I got a little sick on the way back to Cebu but with the help of Biogesic. I’m all good.

Yours Truly,


P.S. Lookie – lookie. Thanks Kat for the photo. Here is a news clipping of my partner and I during the Innocent’s Day Ball last December.

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NO to Palawan MINING!

I saw this post from one of my friends and I immediately want to spread the word.

Palawan, one of the last remaining islands here in the Philippines that holds one of the richest biodiversity in the country. And now, it is being threaten by mining companies.

If you want to save this beautiful island,

then sign this petition voting against mining in Palawan.



And if you really need more convincing, then read this letter.
My dear friends,

On January 24 a very dear friend and colleague Gerry Ortega was shot in the head dead. I was just with him that weekend – and a few minutes before he died what we were discussing over the phone was an anti-mining campaign in Palawan – given that on December two huge mining applications were railroaded – and they were to be near protected sites.

Gerry is dead but we will not let go of his dreams – and mine – and probably yours too.

Palawan has 17 key biodiversity sites – which means it is part of the 70% biodiversity sites which are essential for sustaining life in the planet. It has 2 world heritage sites, 8 protected sites. Yet if you see Palawan on the map you will note that it is a very thin island – which is 82% mountain. It means that if the forest gets denuded and the minerals excavated – the tailings seep directly into the sea affecting the coral reefs. The top soil is thin – and the island eco system is fragile.

Mining is not the way to go for Palawan . I have five eco tourism sites wherein the communities involved can now send their children to school, can dream bigger dreams. Mayor Hagedorn in Puerto Princesa has banned mining and logging – and focused on tourism and agriculture. From 2 flights a week, Puerto Princesa now boasts 10 flights a day. His revenues have gone up from several million to several billion.

Mining as an economic path in a magnificent “Last Frontier” is based on a paradigm of economic growth that is myopic and archaic . In this age of climate change and global warming any economic development that does not recognize and revere the web of life should be thrown in the dustbin.

Please please support the ten million signature campaign to Stop Mining in Palawan . The richness of Palawan is the wealth and pride of the country, it is the wealth of the world. Log in to register your vote and please please send it to thousands others. You can also include your household by downloading the form printing it – and faxing it t 4152227 or you can scan it and send it to Questions can be sent to


Managing Director

ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.

Remember guys, every vote counts and you can definitely make a difference in saving what’s left of the Philippines.


Yours Truly,



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