Mia Ali Faridon, Miss Cebu 2011

As the crown was place on her, I couldn’t stop but just tear up…

As I said before in my past post, I would be collaborating with Wendell Quisido (gown designer) to do the jewelry of Miss Cebu Candidate #8 Mia Ali Faridon. I wanted to because I wanted to contribute in any way I can because she is one of the reasons that made my college life worth remembering.

So, this are the earrings that I specially designed for her. And good thing that I was able to finish it right on time. You had no idea the joy as I watch the amazing staff assemble the piece. This is the first time that I incorporated shagreen (stingray leather) to my jewelry. And why not, this is the perfect occasion to do something entirely new. I of course would want to thank Dean Pasquet of La Galuche Inc. for the shagreen. Such exquisite and quality work. Very excited to be working more on shagreen with him soon.

I was honestly blown away this year with Ms Cebu’s Coronation Night. It was so grand! There were three themed dazzling segments. First was the Grand Sinulog, Chinese New Year and last but not the least, The Masquerade.

And there was a special presentation with the winners of the Queen Pageant. They were truly a treat to watch. Filled with energy and beauty to welcome the Candidates of Miss Cebu.

It was history in making as a new crown will now be given to this year’s Miss Cebu designed by one of the first Miss Cebu, Janice Minor. The crown looked so regal and elegant which is being presented to the crowd by no one else than Cebu Councilwoman Margot Osmena.

And this year’s Miss Cebu 2011 is

Mia Ali Faridon

Mia Ali, I can’t believe I was able to be part of this moment even just a tiny bit by giving you these earrings that I have personally designed just for you. I literally can’t explain the true joy I’m feeling right now for you!!! Love you, Mia Ali. Miss Cebu 2011…

Yours Truly,



And of course, I want to acknowledge the following for allowing me to grab their photos.

Henry Chua, Bibi de Los Reyes, Peter Ian Mancao

Thank You!



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3 responses to “Mia Ali Faridon, Miss Cebu 2011

  1. congrats to mia!
    beautiful earrings, btw. see you when i see you, nike. πŸ™‚

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