The Man behind the Lenses: The Sartorialist

I am not the kind of person who totally relies on brands except maybe when it comes to watches. So, few days ago. I was going around the mall. There was this group of women chattering loudly about their bag is this, shoes are this, my underwear is that and all that. And obviously, they wanted the whole world to know what they have.

As I said before, just because you bought the brand doesn’t immediately mean that you are chic.

Sometimes, I feel sorry for the clothing being worn by these people that they degrade the beauty, design and especially the brand.

Any how, going to the main topic of this post. I want to share this about a true visionary and influence to the worldwide fashion community. The Man behind the lenses: The Sartorialist, a.k.a Scott Schumann. I have always wondered what the life of a Sartorialist is like with all of these amazing individuals that you see just trotting around the streets.

His blog has totally shown me that it is totally different what you see in the catwalk and on the streets.

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  1. Thanks for that, incredibly interesting on the subject. I will do some more googleing for The Man behind the Lenses: The Sartorialist |

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