Four Little Letters

This little holiday sick bug doesn’t want to go away so it is time to get the big guns. Cellphone and call the doctor. I really hope that this little bug will leave before the weekend arrives because I am very excited to celebrate Sinulog.

There is really a good reason to wait after all. There are these books that I have been eyeing for awhile but the high price tag can bring you down. What to expect? Most design books are very expensive.

And suddenly, this little four letters was placed on the window and my heart started thumping like a small child in Christmas morning, SALE

I immediately purchased this book for future reference in my jewelry line. And there is really a difference looking at a book than the internet for references when it comes to design thinking.

Recently, I have been amazed the good finds that I have found just wondering around the department store. It really pays to have a keen eye because you may never know what you might miss. If only Cebu had a good thrift market, I would be there very often because I love classic old things. Going back to my wondering, I saw this pair of denim loafers and I stopped right then and there. Staring at it at how beautiful it is then all of a sudden, the four magical letters came out from the Sales Attendant, SALE

All in all, the moral to this little adventure of mine is that it pays to be patient after all because you may never know what wondrous things you may find.

Yours Truly,



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2 responses to “Four Little Letters

  1. Konichiwa!

    If I may, wouldnt it be four little letters and not words?

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