Ready, Get Set, GO 2011!

Once again, it is back to work (can you really consider it work?). I’m excited to go back to my desk and create something new and beautiful from all of the inspirations that are swimming around my head.

The holidays was truly fun despite me being sick as in really sick. And if you guys are wondering where I got hit with bad oysters was David’s Steakhouse (total shocker) and apparently I was not the only victim but some of my relatives but I think I got it worst. So, I’m just warning you, guys if you go to that place. BEWARE!

And another thing, recently my family, ate at French Baker in SM Cebu. It was my choice and for some reason, I was craving for their food. Despite their renovation, I think their service and employees need some renovation. Scratch that. Deconstruction or even DISCHARGING! The cashier girl was truly rude with my mother acting as if she owned the place, the chicken that my sibling ordered was HALF-COOKED and did you know that you are never allowed to eat chicken raw, and they sent my order to another table giving us excuses about their system, so basically, I was the one who wanted to eat there and got my dish last. I would have easily place this in their comment/suggestion paper to make it more subtle but apparently, they don’t have that either so if anyone affiliated with French Baker is reading this right now, get your act straight because your employees are totally making a mock of the place.

This is just a little heads up to everyone but anyway, every year I decided that I will use specific adjectives that I want to become part of who I am. This is something that I learned from Paolo Berdin via Miriam Quimbao. So, this is how it works. You choose as many adjectives that you want. For example, FRIENDLY, SMILING, 100% HEALTHY and etc. And now, you print those words and put them up where you can see them as often as you can like the board of your desk, the fridge, the toilet, the ceiling parallel to your bed, anywhere just to constantly remind you of those things. Later on, those words starts imprint in your head and becomes a habit.

This year, I’ve decided that I want the following:




100% HEALTHY (again. slight laugh.)

How about you? What have you decided?

Yours Truly,




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2 responses to “Ready, Get Set, GO 2011!

  1. Hi Nikeeeee happy new year! So sorry about your oyster story 😦 Perhaps if we ordered something else, you think? Or maybe they got the oysters from the now defunct Tongs beside it??? Scareeeeee!

    • Happy New Year, Darling!!! Yeah. But it was just placed on the table and it was so inviting but it actually two-faced. huhuhuh. 😦 Maybe! That can be one possibility. hahahaha. One thing is for sure, I’m staying away from that place and oysters for the time being. That was a really a bad experience that I endured and have no plans of reliving it. hahahaha

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