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A Coming-OUT Speech like no other

Just like you and I, don’t have a choice over the color of our skin.”


This is one of the most compelling and inspiring speeches I have heard concerning about gay sexuality and coming out. Especially somebody who decided to come out during a high school assembly speech. That is a lot of courage.

Everything that is needed to be said is in this speech like how it is a not a choice, how hard we try to be straight but feels so incomplete, the bullying, and frustration. It is not easy being gay especially here in the Philippines who has one of the cruelest mentalities that I have ever experienced.

So if ever you know someone who is closeted or in-question, don’t force it because you are not making it any easier.


Yours Truly,



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Love Letters: A Valentine Exhibit

I just got this in my email. And I really want to go; it is inlined with my trip to Manila but when I checked the time for the reception, it is way before my arrival time but either way, I will definitely be visiting since it just near the condo that I will be staying.

So, I want to give my support to this exhibit by promoting. If you guys are in Manila and near the vicinity, please do visit.

Yours Truly,


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N. Desires #1 – The Fontessa Boot

So, I have been reading through my usual design blogs and Design Milk is one of them. And they posted the latest shoe collaboration of Melissa Shoes with renowned Italian Architect, Gaetano Pesce.

The Fontessa boot is one of a kind, and completely customizable to each individuals style. You start with the bootie, which is made from a series of interconnected circles, each circle able to be cut off with scissors so you can customize the pair to your liking. Create sling backs, peep toes, sandals, or just wear them as is. You can use Melissa’s special Fontessa software to map out your cuts before you go scissor-crazy

Read more at Design Milk:

I love the customize feature of this shoe and I know that it is for women but I seriously don’t care and I can fit a shoe size 7.

Yours Truly,



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Camille Co by WAGW

WAGW is a young and trendy retail brand that sells chic and affordable clothes for the stylish fashionista.

For this year, WAGW will be launching their new S/S 2011 collection, each inspired by real women/men in society. These personalities helped shape and define each of their collections which they will be releasing every month, based on their personal sense of style.

And for this month, they feature Camille Co. An upcoming designer who has been featured by the Philippines’ Best-Selling Fashion magazine, Preview as one of the top ten designers to look forward to. She is also a highly hyped fashionista in the ever popular

And this is a little teaser of the next collections that will soon be released for the incoming months. Something to be excited for.

So what are you waiting for, Visit the nearest WAGW Branch near you and get these personalized collections.

WAGW Branches
3rd Floor, the Gallery, Robinsons Galleria
2nd Level, Paseo Cuidad, Ayala Center Cebu
2nd Floor, Main Wing, SM City Cebu
1st Level, West Promenade, Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City

If there is no branch near you, don’t loose hope just yet. Visit their online store

Yours Truly,


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Mia Ali Faridon, Miss Cebu 2011

As the crown was place on her, I couldn’t stop but just tear up…

As I said before in my past post, I would be collaborating with Wendell Quisido (gown designer) to do the jewelry of Miss Cebu Candidate #8 Mia Ali Faridon. I wanted to because I wanted to contribute in any way I can because she is one of the reasons that made my college life worth remembering.

So, this are the earrings that I specially designed for her. And good thing that I was able to finish it right on time. You had no idea the joy as I watch the amazing staff assemble the piece. This is the first time that I incorporated shagreen (stingray leather) to my jewelry. And why not, this is the perfect occasion to do something entirely new. I of course would want to thank Dean Pasquet of La Galuche Inc. for the shagreen. Such exquisite and quality work. Very excited to be working more on shagreen with him soon.

I was honestly blown away this year with Ms Cebu’s Coronation Night. It was so grand! There were three themed dazzling segments. First was the Grand Sinulog, Chinese New Year and last but not the least, The Masquerade.

And there was a special presentation with the winners of the Queen Pageant. They were truly a treat to watch. Filled with energy and beauty to welcome the Candidates of Miss Cebu.

It was history in making as a new crown will now be given to this year’s Miss Cebu designed by one of the first Miss Cebu, Janice Minor. The crown looked so regal and elegant which is being presented to the crowd by no one else than Cebu Councilwoman Margot Osmena.

And this year’s Miss Cebu 2011 is

Mia Ali Faridon

Mia Ali, I can’t believe I was able to be part of this moment even just a tiny bit by giving you these earrings that I have personally designed just for you. I literally can’t explain the true joy I’m feeling right now for you!!! Love you, Mia Ali. Miss Cebu 2011…

Yours Truly,



And of course, I want to acknowledge the following for allowing me to grab their photos.

Henry Chua, Bibi de Los Reyes, Peter Ian Mancao

Thank You!


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The Man behind the Lenses: The Sartorialist

I am not the kind of person who totally relies on brands except maybe when it comes to watches. So, few days ago. I was going around the mall. There was this group of women chattering loudly about their bag is this, shoes are this, my underwear is that and all that. And obviously, they wanted the whole world to know what they have.

As I said before, just because you bought the brand doesn’t immediately mean that you are chic.

Sometimes, I feel sorry for the clothing being worn by these people that they degrade the beauty, design and especially the brand.

Any how, going to the main topic of this post. I want to share this about a true visionary and influence to the worldwide fashion community. The Man behind the lenses: The Sartorialist, a.k.a Scott Schumann. I have always wondered what the life of a Sartorialist is like with all of these amazing individuals that you see just trotting around the streets.

His blog has totally shown me that it is totally different what you see in the catwalk and on the streets.

Yours Truly,



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Four Little Letters

This little holiday sick bug doesn’t want to go away so it is time to get the big guns. Cellphone and call the doctor. I really hope that this little bug will leave before the weekend arrives because I am very excited to celebrate Sinulog.

There is really a good reason to wait after all. There are these books that I have been eyeing for awhile but the high price tag can bring you down. What to expect? Most design books are very expensive.

And suddenly, this little four letters was placed on the window and my heart started thumping like a small child in Christmas morning, SALE

I immediately purchased this book for future reference in my jewelry line. And there is really a difference looking at a book than the internet for references when it comes to design thinking.

Recently, I have been amazed the good finds that I have found just wondering around the department store. It really pays to have a keen eye because you may never know what you might miss. If only Cebu had a good thrift market, I would be there very often because I love classic old things. Going back to my wondering, I saw this pair of denim loafers and I stopped right then and there. Staring at it at how beautiful it is then all of a sudden, the four magical letters came out from the Sales Attendant, SALE

All in all, the moral to this little adventure of mine is that it pays to be patient after all because you may never know what wondrous things you may find.

Yours Truly,



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