Under the Christmas Rice Tree

Well the holidays are half way to it’s end. I am really grateful for the beautiful gifts that I have received under the Christmas Rice Tree. Ridden with colds, cough, aching tonsils and a horrible massacre from terrible oysters who knows when to hit me in the worst of times. And as everyday pass by, the house is slowly by slowly turning to a maximum prison due to a recent incident and my view that once showed wandering clouds in the sky will now be outlined with bars.

My holiday schedule is now totally off because of being sick and apparently, I’m not the only one. I can’t believe that I got hit by oysters from David’s and on the day of the Invierno White Party of Vudu which I have been looking forward to and I had the perfect clothes. Guess I have no other choice but wait till next year. I don’t know whether it is a good or bad thing because I lost weight in the process.

This is the first time ever that my family will be celebrating Christmas without my Grandparents because they left for Manila for Spiritual and Personal reasons and since we usually celebrate in their house, there is no christmas decor so we improvise and decided to use the Palay (Rice) and try to make it a tree. This is definitely a Filipino Christmas tree. I totally love all the notebooks and sketchbooks that I got for Christmas they are something to look forward to once my current sketchbook is all out.

Well, if you have been reading, a group of robbers have entered the house after that incident, the compound has been increased with security measures and apparently, one of them is putting bars in my window. Now my view of the city is obscure no thanks to those robbers. sigh. And the rest of house truly feels like a maximum prison and minus the sexy inmates. lol.

And I want to congratulate Bachelors-Femina for an outstanding and successful Innocent’s Day Ball! It was really a great night and I am totally excited for the next one and this time, I will be more active with the club. Will be posting photos soon.

Yours Truly,




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