You Dare Deny Me!

Despite the HORRIBLE traffic which is a curse that has no plan to be lifted in Manila, the Christmas Decor in Rustan’s Makati has been a treat for the eyes. I do apologize if I was not able to take any photos with my ITouch because the battery died on me. I will definitely try my best to describe the decor.

The store windows bursting with luscious hues of purple and pink from the meticulous sequined saddles of horses and polar bears of a Merry-go-round that seemed like it is a scene from one of Katy Perry’s Music Video.

White Mannequins with colorful ornate masks and draped with beautiful Inno Sotto Gowns from his latest collection, Muse and jewelry that sparkled like those stars in the night sky.

I felt like this tiny child looking at a store window for the first time. Or maybe I felt like a bit of Rebecca Bloomwood from “A Confessions of Shopaholic.” lol

Anyways, here are some of the places that I was very excited to see once I was there.

Ever since I found out that we will be going to Manila, the first thing that went to my head was MUJI!!! When I found out that they opened an outlet in Fort Boni, I shrieked a little. lol. Basically, MUJI is this Japanese Lifestyle Store. It has everything from notebooks, pencils, clothing and apparel, kitchenware and a lot more but all based in the Japanese Lifestyle. And I think you all know that I am big fan of Japanese. I was hoping that they have the sketchbooks that I am looking for but apparently, SOLD OUT!! What to expect, it was very affordable (200 pesos below) and good paper quality.

If you want to know more about MUJI.


Another place that I look forward to, Conti’s!!! I can’t entirely remember the name of the main dish I got but it was something like a Cordon Bleu. I think the name was Rallinote or something but either way; it was DELICIOUS!!!!

But the dessert was the definitely the highlight, Mango Bravo. I thought it was this typical mango cheesecake until I got my first bite. It was smooth, creamy and not-t00 sweet which I like until I got my second bite, chewy and crunchy with bits of walnuts which was a surprise! Every bite that you take is entirely different from the other making the dish entertaining in my mouth. It was truly a delight. Oh Conti’s. You never fail to make me happy. 😀

Dippin’ Dots!

Ice Cream of the future! This is an entirely new way of eating Ice Cream because they solidify the ice cream into pebbles making it a bit crunchy once it reaches your mouth. But I definitely think that they have to innovate themselves especially with so many competitors now in the Ice Cream Industry.

Sentro 1771!

Sentro 1771 is this Filipino Fusion Restaurant which had the best Sizzling Tofu that I have tasted so far!!! You can find it in the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 3.


Delizioso. Do I need to say more.

Oh yeah, before I forget the main topic of this post. I was denied from the US Embassy for Visa Renewal in the basis that I want to be one of the Gossip Girl Characters. No, I kid. For real. I GOT APPROVED!!! Thank GOD!!!

Anyways, I want to say.

MAY EVERYONE HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope all your dreams and wishes come true!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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